“Scenario for the Record Run” The Story of the Man Who Challenged the World’s Max Speed with a Fully Tuned FC3S / Part 2 [DANDY x FC3S the Max Speed Throne Capture Plan 2010]

Published : 2019/10/03 15:39 Modified : 2019/10/04 13:54

Dandy FC3S RX-7

Moving on to the long course

Aim to renew Racing Beat’s record with a 2-year plan!



Day 4 (8/17 Tue.)

Stepping up with bold, yet sophisticated driving


As soon as the FC3S was on the track, they wanted to “graduate” from the short course quickly and advance to the long course, where it could unleash its true performance. There was no time to waste in obtaining the B license.


Dandy FC3S RX-7



On this day, they added 14L of gasoline, and they began their vigorous attack from the early morning. On the first run, the engine stalled five times upon start-up. We thought that the officials might request them to leave the course, but thankfully the FC3S was finally up and running.



Dandy FC3S RX-7



The starters were volunteers, who were members of the “200 mph Club.” Only drivers who have achieved a max speed of over 200 mph at Bonneville and set a new record for each class could join. The photo shows Bill Taylor, a famous starter, whom Mr. Tanaka knows well. These members ensured the race to proceed smoothly, such as checking safety equipment and giving starting instructions for drivers/riders at the start line.


“Dandy (Tanaka) told me if I ‘could make the engine stall 5 times, it would help us stand out…’ which is a lie, but for some reason, even though I’ve been clutching similarly to yesterday, the revs just drop. Maybe there wasn’t enough warm-up? That being said, I was able to start and bring the speed up to par 2 miles early. On top of that, I didn’t miss-shift, and the suspensions set-up is pretty good,” Rei commented.


With his driving finesse, they acquired the D License and without a break, the challenge towards the C License had begun. Up until now, his attacks on the two courses were completed in third gear, but henceforth, fourth gear was required.



Dandy FC3S RX-7



For the C License, the required speed was above 149.75 mph, and under 173.984 mph. Tanaka instructed Rei to aim for around 161.557 mph.


Rei explained, “Shifting at 8700 rpm from third to fourth causes the engine to drop out of the power band. Though that can be recovered in the 2 to 2.5 mile leg, there’s a dire need for at least 9000 rpm in order to get rid of the lousy acceleration. Since engine capacity is plenty and behavior is stable, I think that it is possible to smoothly go up to 62.137 mph… 217.48 mph.”



Dandy FC3S RX-7



Although, at half boost, unfavorable symptoms like the tail being shaken had arose. Thus, before the B License attack, they tightened the damping force of the rear by three clicks. If the tail still continued to sway, they would increase weight by adding a genuine gas tank filled with water.


On the other hand, Tanaka shared, “Speed calculations are perfect. Water temperature is steady at 92 degrees, air/fuel ratio transitions with no issues from 10.8 to 11.2 at 8700 rpm. Boost pressure is around 0.5 to 0.6 kg, so the flow seems smooth. Now we’ll just have to see how long the second-hand genuine transmission will hold up for us. Besides that, I’m not really worried.” The FC3S ran smoothly as though it was trying to compensate for the two-day delay.


In pursuit of the long course, only one obstacle laid ahead of them–the B License. Except for adjusting the damping force of the rear damper, there were so far no other parts that have been reworked, and clearly, the engine was highly complete, including the CP settings.



Dandy FC3S RX-7



Engine revs were set at 9000 rpm for shift changes, with the intention of making this the final short course attack. 


“Since the engine revs will lower to 5500 rpm, it will still be 500 rpm below the power band. And that’s where we’re going to gas it. Wait for the supercharge, then control with accelerator when the boost kicks in. Recovery will take a little time, but it’s the perfect opportunity for me to cool down and calmly proceed,” Rei said. Both the car and driver appeared to drive smoothly, and they successfully acquired the B License. They obtained their ticket to the long course, markedly without any hiccups.



Dandy FC3S RX-7



They were able to advance thus far by taking advantage of the lessons learned from the previous year that the weight of the car was too light. Before leaving Japan, they loaded 50 kg (110.23 lbs) under the driver’s seat and 120 kg (264.55 lbs) on the passenger’s side floor. Additionally, in order to optimize the front/rear load balance in the top speed range, they actually lowered the front vehicle height by 5 mm compared to the previous year’s specifications. The front tire’s valve air leak was also solved by swapping the tires with entirely new ones.


As such, if they could surpass Racing Beat’s record on the following day, they would be able to renew the class record with a record run challenge on the next. Tanaka expressed, “It’s going so well that I don’t really know what to say… Honestly, I’m happy. We were concerned about the air/fuel ratio, but it seems like there aren’t any problems.”


While Tanaka calmly analyzed the situation, he exuded with confidence towards setting the new record. It was during this time that he had been quietly devising a special plan in his head.



Dandy FC3S RX-7


That day, after smoothly acquiring the B License with three attacks, he returned to the pit to drain the remaining gasoline in the fuel tank. What did this signify? This particular action was in fact deeply connected to Tanaka’s idealized scenario.


■ATTACK for D License

Measurement point Passing speed
2mile 133.824 mph
2.25mile 133.560 mph
3mile 133.762 mph
*Acquisition requirements: 125 – 149 mph


■ATTACK for C License

Measurement point Passing speed
2mile 162.827 mph
2.25mile 163.913 mph
3mile 163.759 mph
*Acquisition requirements: 150 – 174 mph


■ATTACK for B License

Measurement point Passing speed
2mile 183.558 mph
2.25mile 194.383 mph
3mile 192.810 mph
*Acquisition requirements: 175 – 199 mph




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