“Smokey Nagata, the Man Who Was Arrested for World’s Fastest Speeding” ~ The Truth Behind the Incident ~

Published : 2019/10/18 08:57 Modified : 2019/10/18 13:22

Smokey Nagata at GB

TOP SECRET Kazuhiko Nagata reveals the truth behind the infamous incident–his arrest at 318 km/h (197.596 mph) on a public road in England!


“‘Well, there goes my company,’ was exactly my thought at that time,” Smokey Nagata reflected on those days. “At that time” refers to the infamous incident that shocked the world: arrest for the world’s fastest speeding on a public road in England.


Encounter with a British tuning magazine


20 years ago. It was January 1998. The Tokyo Auto Salon venue started it all.


MAX POWER, a British tuning magazine, approached Nagata to participate in an upcoming motor show in England. They were passionate about his entry because TOP SECRET’s tuned GT-R thoroughly impressed them. GT-R’s were insanely popular back then in England; as highly prized super cars, they went for about ¥10,000,000 (about $85,034 or £51,370.74 in 1998).


Unfortunately, the TOP SECRET GT-R was unavailable for that season due to a schedule conflict. A RB26DETT-equipped Supra that had been specified for 0-300 battle took its place instead. The Supra headed over to England on October 25, 1998.



Smokey Nagata in UK



“It was a hit at the England motor show. The golden Supra surely stood out with great impact among the many tuned Italian and French cars.


In terms of business and seriousness, this England show ranked similarly as the Tokyo Motor Show, as opposed to the Tokyo Auto Salon. MAX POWER Magazine proceeded to exhibit 5 tuned vehicles in this show, despite the event’s all-business tone.


“But just around that time, it was drag race season in Japan. I was busy so I flew home on October 30th, while the event was still on.”


And on November 3rd, encore in England.


“This time around, I had an interview with MAX POWER and scheduled to receive the entry cars. If I recall, I drove the Supra on the circuit on the morning of November 4th and took it to the streets that night.”


During the street interview, the incident occurred.



Smokey Nagata in UK



Surrounded by 3 cop cars!


“There was a highway about two hours north from London; I think it was called A-1. In addition to the low amount of traffic, there were four lanes that let me drive smoothly.”



Smokey Nagata in UK



The time struck 4 AM. Two hours passed since they began filming. While Nagata thought about calling it a night as he started to decelerate from 300 km/h (about 186 mph), a police car appeared in the Supra’s rear view mirror, approaching at an alarming speed.


“Oh sh–!! At that moment, I remember thinking about everything imaginable. I honestly thought our company was done for. Back then, England’s traffic laws were especially strict. Speeding in England was on par with committing suicide on the tracks here in Japan.”



Smokey Nagata in UK



In a matter of seconds, three police cars surrounded Smokey Nagata. He couldn’t fully understand the situation, nonetheless speak English; without any verbal input from him, they arrested Smokey on the spot.


“They said a lot of things to me, and later I realized it was probably about my rights and what I had to do after the arrest. I suddenly lost myself. As the policewoman sat in the passenger seat of the Supra, I drove to the police station.”



Smokey Nagata in UK