【Tuning Icons from a Bygone Era -1960s-】A Pair that Paved the Way [Skyline S54B x Porsche Carrera 904GTS]

2019/11/30 13:44

Skyline S54B and Porsche 904 GTS

Machines from the Early Days of Tuning




In the 1960’s, the technological level of Japanese automakers still had not reached that of its foreign counterparts. It was a period of development and advancement, seeking to catch up with leading automakers in other countries.


The number of private cars released by Japanese automakers was increased dramatically and a “personal car boom” was born.


The first Japan Grand Prix, which is said to mark the birth of the Japanese racing scene was held in 1963. At that time there were still few full-fledged domestic sports cars and performance was still low. So, domestic automakers competed on the circuit modifying cars which had the chassis of popular cars and luxury sedans. Looking at overseas manufacturers of the same era, there were already many full-fledged sports cars. This showed that there were great technological and cultural differences between Japanese domestic and overseas auto industries.


Skyline S54B and Porsche 904 GTS

Skyline S54B and Porsche 904 GTS


When these manufacturers started modifying commercial cars to run on the circuit, some of these trends soon propagated to car enthusiasts of the public. Its safe to say that this is the factor that led to the beginning of Japanese street tuning.


Here we introduce two tuned machines that symbolized this spirit of the 1960s; The Skyline S54B and Porsche Carrera 904GTS. The Skyline S54B was the first commercial car evolved for the circuit, and the Porsche 904 is a road-going race car developed at that time for racing. At the 2nd Japan Grand Prix, held at Suzuka Circuit in 1964, these machines battled it out to the end. We introduce each car in detail on the following page.