【PLAYBACK D1GP-2001(first year)】The worlds first pro drift series!(Part 1)

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D1 Grand Prix Season 2001



Nobuteru Taniguchi won the first championship by outstanding speed and control technic.


In the first year it was just another drift competition.


Almost all the drivers brought their own drifting cars in this season. Taniguchi was already started his career as a racing driver. In the 2nd round in Nikko, Taniguchi brought S tire(semi slick tire) which people thought unsuitable for drifting at this time and won.

After that Taniguchi kept adding point in the series with high speed drift with S tire. Championship battle was fought by Nobuteru Taniguchi(winner of 2nd round), Youichi Imamura(winner of 1st round) and Ueno Takahiro(winner of 4th round) in the climax.

Last round in Nikko. Ueno didn’t make it to tandem tournament. Taniguchi and Imamura made it to final. Imamura’s car got straighten in kosoku corner(concer 8-9). Taniguchi became the first D1GP serieschampion.   


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There were drivers waring casual clothes in the first year.

D1 Grand Prix Season 2001

D1 Grand Prix Season 2001


First round. (October, 2000 Ebisu South) At this point, Option didn’t announce it was going to be a series championship. Drivers have been told just “there will be a cash prize”. People thought it was an another drift competition. Of course drivers were waring jeans and hoodies. In the early 2001, series championship schedule was announced. Then drivers started to ware racing suits from Round2. In the end of the season at Nikko, racing suits became one of the regulation and everyone needs to ware it.


Round 1 (October,6 2000) Ebisu South

  Driver Car
1st Youichi Imamura Trueno(AE86)
2nd Takahiro Ueno Soara(JZZ30)
3rd Tsuyoshi Tezuka Chaser(JZX81)
4th Nobuteru Taniguchi Silvia(S15)
5th Makoto Sezaki Silvia(PS13)
6th Toru Maruyama Trueno(AE86)
7th Teruaki Itai 180SX(RPS13)
8th Yoshinori Koguchi 180SX(RPS13)
9th Yasuyuki Kazama Silvia(S15)
10th Chikara Misuhata Silvia(S14)


※In this round it was competed by only solo run. Tandem tournament started from 2nd round nikko.



Round 2 (February,16 2001) Nikko circuit 

  Driver Car
1st Nobuteru Taniguchi Silvia(S15)
2nd Yasushi Wakamatsu 180SX(RPS13)
3rd Yasuyuki Kazama Silvia(S15)
4th Takahiro Ueno Soara(JZZ30)
5th Mitsuru Haruguchi RX7(FC3S)
6th Youichi Imamura Trueno(AE86)
7th Shunichi Tomikuda Carina (TA63)
8th Teruaki Itai 180SX(RPS13)
9th Makoto Sezaki Silvia(S13)
10th Takayuki Matsui Silvia(S14)


Round 3 (May, 29 2001) Bihoku Highland circuit

  Driver Car
1st Mitsuru Haruguchi RX-7(FC3S)
2nd Hisashi Kamimoto Trueno(AE86)
3rd Katsuhiro Ueo Trueno(AE86)
4th Ken Maeda Levin(AE86)
5th Toru Maruyama Trueno(AE86)
6th Hideto Tao Trueno(AE86)
7th Ryota Yuawa Levin(AE86)
8th Yoichi Imamura Trueno(AE86)
9th Tsuyoshi Tezuka Chaser(JZX81)
10th Ryuji Miki Silvia(S14)


Pick Up ROUND!

D1 Grand Prix Season 2001

D1 Grand Prix Season 2001


Round 3, Bihoku Highland. Most of the drivers from east side haven’t done Bihoku Highland at this point. Also, they were new to a drift style judge asked for this track. Some of the top lanker didn’t make it to tandem tournament. On the other side, drivers from west side and locals got spotlight. Mitsuru Haruguchi won a first place with “Rally quick” transition and deep angle.


Round 4 (August, 12th 2001) Ebisu South

  Driver Car
1st Takahiro Ueno  
2nd Hideo Hiraoka Silvia(PS13)
3st Hisashi Kamimoto Levin(AE86)
4th Nobuteru Taniguchi Silvia(S15)
5th Youichi Imamura Trueno(AE86)
6th Hiroshi Takahashi Trueno(AE86)
7th Ken Maeda Trueno(AE86)
8th Ryota Yuasa Levin(AE86)
9th Shouji Nakazawa Levin(AE86)
10th Hisashi Oginome Silvia(PS13)


Round 5 (November,29 2001) Nikko circuit

  Driver ca
1st Nobuteru Taniguchi Silvia(S15)
2nd Yoichi Imamura Trueno(AE86)
3rd Hisashi Kamimoto Levin(AE86)
4th Ryota Yuasa Levin(AE86)
5th Makoto Sezaki Silvia(S15)
6th Ken Maeda Trueno(AE86)
7th Katsuhiro Ueo Trueno(AE86)
8th Yoshinori Koguchi 180SX(RPS13)
9th Toru Inose RX-7(FC3S)
10th Ryuji Miki Silvia(S14)


S tire(semi slick tire) was allowed to use in this season.

D1 Grand Prix Season 2001

D1 Grand Prix Season 2001


Now, all the D1GP cars has to run street radial tire, but S tire was allowed to use in 2001 season. Taniguchi used S tire from 2nd round and his showed extremely fast drift to audience. Many other driver tried to use after all, no one could pulled potential of S tire like Taniguchi did.


※to be continued to  Part2 D1GP 2001 Best10 drift machines.