Super Hard Spring Rate Up to 100kg/mm! The “Shakotanist” Warriors 326 POWER Suspension Parts

Published : 2020/01/19 11:55 Modified : 2020/01/19 11:55

A Damper that moves hard springs smoothly and other option parts


An technical engineering spirit that aims for easy driveable low-down cars


Here we have a wide variety of selectable parts to create custom suspension for ultra low-down cars. They were developed and produced by Mr. Haruguchi of 326 Power. He has been a charismatic figure in the world of super low cars for many years.


While giving a playful impression, he explains in detail about the individual parts available. We were surprised at the variety of options, shapes, dimensions and specifications available to suit a wide range of high level applications.



326 Power are already famous for producing a lineup of specialized hard rate springs. The hardest rate of 100kg/mm! The variety of dampers available to accomodate different vehicle weights and spring rates are as many as 18 different combinations for one type, including valve, shim, oil viscocity, gas pressure and other factors.



They are also increasing the lineup of brackets and seats with ideas like, “If you modify here you can earn 5mm stroke, lower the vehicle height by 3mm, gain strength to support a heavier vehicle etc, etc”.


These kits are based upon a full custom order system by customer application. As you can see from the photos this is a kit which has endless possibilities.



Most users who opt for this kit are those driving extremely low-down cars that push the practical limits of driving. However, this kit can easily be adapted and customized for circuit attack applications.


In fact, the number of returning customers with these special needs are on the rise because the target are users who first liked drifting, then were attracted to low-down or dress up drift styling. These types of customers want to balance good looks and style with ability to be drifted.



“The way I see it, there isn’t really a shortage of mass produced commercially available suspension parts on the market, but there has been very little evolution in those parts in the past 20 years. We noticed an increase in demand for parts like this so we decided to make specialized parts and evolve custom suspension as we know it. Everything we wanted to accomplish, we put into these parts.”


Rather than “A range that can be assembled with existing parts” 326 Power are promoting individuality and showing they have the enthusiasm to produce parts to match each users car’s purpose.


Contrary to their wild appearance (?!), 326 Power are backed by an engineering spirit to produce a wide range of tuning parts.


Special Thanks:326 Power



This Lexus RC350 has been set up for deep dish fitment and demanded a suspension that would allow running at a super low ride height. Both front and rear spring rates are 100kg/mm. This is basically a “dress up” spec version but it can handle long distance drives this low and can drift if the wheel setup is changed. This car aims to enjoy both low-down style and comfortable driving.


The 100kg/mm rate springs are finished in shocking pink. Various types of control arms have been produced according to achieving low-down height in various types of vehicles. Also, shortened knuckles have been produced to increase steering angles.



■ENGINE:326power one-off muffler

■SUSPENSION:326power Chakuriki Damper (FR 100㎏/mm)、One-off arms、Bancho Control (Arms)、”Shakotan” knuckles

BRAKES:326power Gachi Stop Caliper

■WHEELS:326power Yaba King 2 Piece (F10.5J×19-45 R10.5J×19-60)

■TIRES:ATR Sports (215/35R19)

EXTERIOR:326power FM326 Aero、Mitsuru-Power Wing & Roof Spoiler / Fender widening (each side 50mm)




The 326 Power Chakuriki Damper has a wide range of support. One such version is optimized for circuit driving. First of all, representative Mr. Haruguchi is a D1GP driver and he needs no hindrance to hamper his driving. An example of improving performance can be seen on this Silvia. The custom knuckles greatly increase steering angle and increases driving performance while drifting.


Although knuckles that improve turning angle are introduced, measures taken against fender and tiring housing interference are done to create freedom of turning movement. Rear members are made rigid and raised to increase clearance. This is a car that can drift easily even at this low height.



■ENGINE:IHI C6 Turbo/IR Exhaust Manifold/HKS Camshaft/LINK Full Computer/One-off muffler & front pipe/ARC Intercooler

■DRIVETRAIN:Nismo 6 Speed Trans、Metal Clutch/ Cusco LSD

■SUSPENSION:326power Chakuriki Damper (F14㎏/mm R10㎏/mm)、Rear Upper Arm / Original knuckles

■WHEELS:326power Yaba King (10.5J×18)

■TIRES:Pinso (215/35-18)

EXTERIOR:Wide Fender /D-LUX Aero/326power Mitsuru-Power Wing、Roof Spoiler、Lip/Neo Project Quarter Panel



●326power Chakuriki Damper

326 Power developed this totally original full order kit for “shakotanists” aiming to stand out. By selecting and combining each part, no two combinations are alike. When talking about specifications and applications there is of course an ideal recommended setup for each case. In order to truly match each users style and preference though, 326 Power offer almost unlimited customization in possibilities for color combinations.


100㎏/mm and 12㎏/mm Springs

On the left is the 100kg/mm spring which attracted a lot of attention upon its release. The right side for comparision is a 12kg/mm spring which can be used for general use. The 100kg spring is an ultra high rate type that can only be obtained through special order from 326 Power. Within that 100kg/mm rate, there are two variations “Charabane” and “Magibane” which have different characteristics. This spring was produced in collaboration with top spring maker Swift.


High Strength Upper Seat

When it comes to a high rate spring on a heavyweight body, the burden on the upper seat becomes an issue. Extra thick (26mm) seats are available for each model because those produced by other companies are not likely to withstand the load of such high rate springs. Depending on the suspension type, interference between the suspension and the knuckle may occur, so an original product with offset mounting was developed.


High Strength Spring Seat with Bearing

Spring seats with 360-degree bearings reduce tension of the suspension (spring) during compression. It is smooth enough to rotate the spring even under heavy load.


Lower Bracket

Vehicle ride height can go even lower by avoiding interference through a slight difference in dimensions and geometry. Many different lower bracket dimensions are available to meet the needs of a variety of applications. There are very few suspension brands with such customizable setups like this.


For the Final Trick; Absolute Stop

These bumpstops are made from ultra high strength rubber. This “absolute stop” is the final weapon for suspension control at low ride height, handling the force beyond what can be controlled by damper and spring. Stop hardness ranges from 7mm for 2-tons and 11mm for 4-tons. Although very firm with almost no stroke, these bumpstops still give a ride comfort feel very different from no suspension altogether.


Deform Shape “Bancho” Control Arms

When an insanely low ride height is a must, interference between the arms and other steering and suspension parts becomes a hurdle to overcome. These arms are designed to avoid such interference. The mounting position of the shock can be changed and interference with each part can be sucessfully cleared.


Full Order Made Capability!

There are a wide variation of options for each part of the Chakuriki damper lineup. An almost infinite number of combinations are possible. Although it can be said this product is only for the most serious of “Shakotanists”, these products can also be used at entry level and setup for everyday use. If you are interested, you can consult with 326 Power and fill out your custom order form!


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