「A Man’s Fascination with his JZZ30 Soarer」 T&E Takahiro Ueno’s Treasured Street Machine!

Published : 2020/02/07 17:38 Modified : 2020/02/12 12:43

T&E JZZ30 Soarer

Tuning points from a man who knows the JZZ30 Soarer inside and out.


A heavyweight body gets improved power and response. Suitable for urban street driving too!


Takahiro Ueno of tuning shop Car Make T&E has been a JZZ30 owner and driver since 2001. He used the car to compete in D1GP in the opening year of the series. Ueno is a specialist of 30-series Soarer tuning, handling a wide variety of customizations from sports street spec to full-on drift battle machines. The car we introduce here is Ueno’s third car which he actually used in street and drift events.



Front bumper 98,000yen (Late model foglamp and grille compatible). Optional canards (18,000yen) are also available.



Rear under spoiler is 58,000yen (not compatible with late model). Full bumper also available at 65,000yen.


The aero parts are all VERTEX originals. The front bumper has a large opening to increase airflow to the intercooler. It also gives it an aggressive look. The rear half spoiler is a first release by T&E. This Soarer is an origin of both T&E and Mr. Ueno.



All basics are street specification and comforts including air conditioner and audio are intact. Additional guages are installed to create a well balanced interior.


This model Soarer is basically a luxury car. Some might even call it a two-door version of Toyota’s Celsior. It’s quite a heavy body so many think weight reduction is necessary to enjoy spirited driving. Mr. Ueno says it isn’t so.


“To get really serious, weight reduction should be done, but then you’ll end up with the D1 machine that I was driving before” laughs Ueno. You have to bring out the best in the Soarer, he says. It has a 1JZ so you must maximize the power to make up for the heavy weight.



1JZ engine with HKS pistons, cam and turbo increasing output to 470ps.


Following that advice, this 1JZ is a 470ps / 60kgm (boost 1.5kg) rocket incorporating a GT3037S turbo. It has HKS forged pistons and increased displacement to 2.6L.


This results in explosive acceleration power which makes the driver forget the car weighs over 1.5 tons. “You can boost up to 360ps without the early model VVT-i. With it, you can only get up to about 320. But for the ultimate tune, it would be more advantageous with VVT-i.”



VERTEX overfenders house 18x10J up front and 18x11J at the rear.

In addition to the weight, the suspension system is another weak point. Front and rear double wishbone is not so bad but the body is heavy and roll is significant.


“If you try to solve this with springs and dampers alone, the spring rate will need to go higher and you’ll end up with a worse ride. You won’t be able to control the car when drifting. Rather, the stabilizer should be strengthened. I recommend Do Luck which can be adjusted. I also recommend increasing the turning angle. This comes in handy not only for drifting, but every day driving.”



Stabilizer is key to controlling body roll in JZZ30 suspension tuning.

The suspension installed here is an HKS Hyper Max D Dash. With a strengthened stabilizer, the spring rate can be suppressed and ride quality remains in a comfortable range. The heavy body puts a burden on the braking system so JZA80 calipers and T-ZERO Type TR brake pads are installed. Shortened knuckles improve steering angle.





This high-end coupe still retains a fresh modern feeling and remains versatile for street as well as circuit driving. With this level of tuning it can be driven hard.


●Special Thanks:Car Make T&E  98-1 2F Kawamukocho, Tsuzuki-ward, Yokohama Kanagawa Prefecture TEL:045-624-9360


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