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Published : 2020/03/05 23:14 Modified : 2020/03/05 23:48

An inline-six in a Corona sedan!


One-off produced members, arms and suspension. Fuel tank relocated for clearance!


This is the last Corona with an FR setup, the AT140 generation. The 4-door sedan and 2-door hardtop of this model were the first vehicles in Japan equipped with a DOHC turbo, the 3T-GTEU. When only such a 4-cylinder engine was available in this model, it was the owners choice to swap in a 6-cylinder 1G-FE. “I originally drove the car with a 4A-G but at some point I wanted to try putting in a six-cylinder engine in a car this size” says the owner. “So, I went for it”.


There were a few reasons for this swap. “First of all, I wanted to get more power than what could be achieved with tuning the base engine. I also wanted an engine that was durable, easy to use and had no issues with parts supply. Perhaps a bit silly, but I wanted to change to a six-cylinder simply for the sound.” says the owner.



The engine he selected is the 1G-FE. It is a factory engine that has had tuning work done to the intake and exhaust systems. Is the Corona’s engine bay relatively large, or is the lightweight 1G-FE compact? Perhaps a bit of both, but it fits in naturally and doesn’t look out of place. Moreover, this engine looks right at home in the car and its tough to notice that a swap has been done at all.



In response to the owner’s request to keep it as visually stock as possible, a geniune Toyota air cleaner box was used. The exhaust manifold was made one-off using a φ38 pipe. “I did the swap with an emphasis on appearance as a 1G but I wanted to draw attention to the exhaust manifold and made it stand out a bit” says Daddy Motor Works representative Mr. Oto who did the tuning work.



The radiator has a large capacity core for daily city driving use. An electric fan controls water temps. Though Mr. Oto didn’t have drifting in mind when doing this swap, the large capacity radiator has good cooling capabilites under such conditions when wind flow is not so high.



The steering wheel is a made-in-USA Recarra type. Dashboard and interior are basically kept in their factory state.



The transmission is a six-speed. The center console has been modified to accomodate the shifter position change with the 1G-FE swap. The engine is not a VVT-i type of course but this 1G-FE with 6-speed actually existed in the GXE10 Altezza. In other words, it is a recognizeable power train to those familiar with Toyota models.


This Corona has a very low-down ride height and is used for drifting. Plenty of work has been done underneath to allow for clearance. This includes changing the position of the upper mounts for the dampers, one-off shortened custom axles and modifying lower arms and members.



The fuel tank of the Corona rides quite low and had the potential to interfere with ground clearance. Therefore it has been replaced with a 45L ATL type fuel tank which was relocated to the trunk. A fuel gauge is installed with the glove box.



The front strut tower has been modified to fit wider wheels. The adjustment rod as well as the length of the overall damper itself have been customized to lower the car’s ride height.



When lowering the ride height to this level, the car is bound to scrape the road surface. So, plenty of measures have been taken to avoid vital parts from making too much contact with the ground while driving hard.


It is surprising that a car of this age can run hard and drift at this low height. Not only cool in its low-down appearance, the ideas and technical capabilities of the tuner Mr. Oto show through both in the engine swap and the overall function of the car.




●Special Thanks:Daddy Motor Works 13 Shinsei Kutsukake-cho Toyoake City Aichi Prefecture TEL:0562-85-9911


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