「Back in the Day Aero Parts Ads Were Hot!」Veilside x OPTION Magazine, March 1994 [Tuning Ad Gallery]

Published : 2020/03/08 10:26 Modified : 2020/03/11 17:06

A Web Option project looks back at magazine advertisements from days gone by!


Recall the tuning movement boom that was happening at the time this ad was released!

This new feature project for Web Option looks back at scans from OPTION Magazine back issues, focusing on tuning parts advertisements. The purpose is to bring back memories of tuning trends from each era while considering the evolution process and direction of tuning parts. This time, we are looking at an advertisement from Veilside published in OPTION Magazine March 1994. For fans of Veilside, some might notice that this was the year that the company was founded. Nobody knew at that time that it would grow to be such a world-dominating aero parts manufacturer.




●The legendary “COMBAT” Supra aero kit drops!



The spotlight car is the Veilside Supra. This is the car that debuted at the 1994 Tokyo Auto Salon and won Best Complete Car in the Grand Prix contest that year. This aero kit was later named “COMBAT” and made for use on other models including the BNR32. At the time of this advertisement, there is no notation of “COMBAT”, only “’94 Show Car Design”. This is an ad that preceded the legend!


●Enhancement aerodynamic and aftermarket exhaust parts



Mr. Yokomaku who was familiar with the production for drag race and top speed tuning put his expertise into producting these parts. Nowadays, the image of this company is very strong but as you can see here, it has always been backed by a tuners spirit and handcrafted approach.


●Contact:Veilside  1250-3 Mase, Tsukuba City, Ibaraki Prefecture  TEL:029-838-1104


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