「A Low and Wide Late-Model S14!」Turquoise Accents Stand Out Against Its Black Body!

Published : 2020/03/09 14:59 Modified : 2020/03/09 14:59

Your eyes are drawn to its deep dished Work Seeker CX wheels!


Slammed on deep wheels for maximum impact! This S14 is a stance oriented custom tuner.


The owner originally bought this late-model S14 Silvia to build as a drift car. However, this particular car was in exceptionally good condition, so he decided to change his plan to a clean custom build. The owner had 3 other S14s so you can be certain he is definitely committed to this model.



The point of focus for this car are the super deep wheels. Work Seeker CX were chosen becuase they were the deepest modern mesh design available domestically. The fact that not many people select this wheel for use on Silvias was a major deciding factor.



A 20mm wide maker-unknown fender was installed upfront to accomodate 10J widths. The negative camber angle was increased by forming a long hole in the knuckle mount part of the damper. Tires are stretched Nankang NS-II in 215/35-18.



In the back are 50mm wide Origin rear fenders. Adjustable arms are fully loaded and 11J rears are installed with a negative camber angle of about 8 degrees. Tires are Nankang NS-II in 255/35-18. By careful calculations, the perfect lowdown wide form has been acheived.



A factory Civic Shuttle rear fog lamp and inspection sticker from Hawaii give a bit of island street racer vibe. However, the goal for the owner was to combine his favorite parts, not aim for USDM styling. The muffler has been modified to sit higher so that road clearance is no problem.



The rollcage and pillar bar were finished in a bright turquiose for outstanding impact. By the way, the turquoise paint he had left over for this project was taken home and used in his home bathroom (lol).



The accent color is also picked up on the Momo steering wheel and e-brake knob. It was the owner’s idea to use this bright accent color to set off the clean black body of the car. (Excerpt from OPTION CARAVAN 2014)