「This 780hp Toyota Century is Insane」A Modified VIP Car with a Fully Tuned 2JZ!

Published : 2020/03/10 14:32 Modified : 2020/03/10 14:32

Fifty Auto Toyota Century

A modified 3.4L 2JZ with over 700hp moves a heavy body with ease!


Trial and error tuning produces a “VIP car that can run fast”.


Tuning shop Fifty Auto in Hyogo Prefecture has put their special touch on this top tier VIP sedan, swapping in a fully tuned 3.4L 2JZ. This shop specializes in lots of off the wall builds, including full-on drag race builds that run in the 10-second range and an AE86 with a 7M swap. Going into this build, these guys said “This car has 12-cylinders, so a monster 6-cylinder 2JZ is no problem!”


What appears to be a high-class VIP car gets even more crazy when you pop the hood to reveal its fully tuned 3.4L 2JZ.


The engine gets increased capacity to 3352cc from an HKS kit with 87φ forged pistons, 94mm stroke crank and H-section connecting rod. The TO4Z turbo generates 780ps at max boost pressure of 1.8k. Even in a car this heavy, quick acceleration is a breeze.



The suspension is by T-Demand, who produce a range of suspension products aimed at low-down car drivers.


The suspension is built around T-Demand’s pro-damper which has gained a large customer base among VIP owners. Front arms, upper and lower arms and tension rods have also been upgraded to T-Demand’s pro parts to allow for maximum adjustment and alignment.



All arms were upgraded to T-Demand products. The aim is a VIP car that can drive smoothly with optimal alignment.


The rear upper and lower arms are also professional T-Demand parts. “We don’t want to build a slammed VIP car that can’t even drive anywhere!” say Fifty Auto staff.



The wheels are deep dish Work Zistance W10M.


Wheels are Zistance W10M by Work. The sizing is 10J at the front and 10.5J at the rear. Front width 215 size tires and 225 width rear tires are fitted.



Brakes are made by AP. The front are 6-pot calipers + 380mm rotors and the rear are 4-pot calipers + 365 rotors.


Almost unthinkable in a big Toyota Century, the brakes are set with front and rear AP Racing calipers and rotors. It seems the brakes were a bit of a struggle to set up, with the tuners installing kits from three different manufacturers before being satisfied with this setup.


The square-exit exhaust is a one-off original.


There were no major setbacks when customizing the car, but after driving it, there were some concerns with the gear ratio mismatch and lack of torque. After repeated trial and error to correct these issues, a top-tier VIP car that has actual sports car level performance was finally completed!


●Special Thanks:143-4 Kishi, Nishi-Kankicho, Kakogawa City, Hyogo Prefecture TEL:079-431-7020