「Back in the Day Tuning Parts Ads Were Hot!」RE Amemiya × OPTION February 2000【Tuning Ad Gallery】

Published : 2020/03/11 17:06 Modified : 2020/03/11 17:06

OPTION looks back at past advertisements that made waves in the tuning scene


The tuning car movement in Japan was at a high-point at the time of this advert

This series of articles looks back at official tuning advertisements that were previously published in OPTION Magazine. The purpose of these articles are mainly to recall what trends were popular back then and to consider the evolution process of aftermarket tuning parts. Here we have a particularly memorable one-page color ad from RE Amemiya, the God of Rotary.




●The legendary “AW-7” wheel debuts on the scene!



2000 was a huge year for the RE Amemiya AW-7 wheel, which became a beloved wheel and long seller for tuned rotary owners. This was a 3-piece sports wheel available in 4 colors. Another interesting point is the blue FD3S “Greddy V” pictured in the ad, which took the grand prize in the dress-up car category at Tokyo Auto Salon 1995. The white FD3S “AC987” took the dress-up category award of excellence at Auto Salon in 1998.


●The era in which many aero parts masterpieces were born



The timing of this ad coincides with the company’s demo car, the “RE Amemiya Super G 2000” that was setting course records on circuits throughout Japan. This is why the advert is aimed at showing functional aerodynamic parts. There are all major products for the FD3S and they’ve been long sellers from RE Amemiya for more than 20 years now.


※PLEASE NOTE that the products listed on this page are from a scan of a past advertisement and include products which are no longer available for sale from the manufacturer.


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