「A Super Fast FD3S Nicknamed ‘Yellow Eagle’」The Legend of the Monster That Won the “Tomei Cannonball”

2020/03/13 12:38

A yellow bullet that aims to be number one on the street and the circuit


A spec change that upgraded to a 13B side expansion and TD07-25G


“Auto Select” is a Kansai-area tuning shop that is known all throughout Japan. The company has produced a number of supertuned machines so far, but the vivid yellow FD3S introduced here takes the cake. “Yellow Eagle” as it is often called, has boasted overwhelming speeds on the circuits and highways of western Japan.


Intercooler, oil cooler and other cooling systems are produced by Trust.


The engine specifications were repeatedly changed to maximize performance. Eventually, Auto Select chose an original side port expansion. This was a route that emphasized durability of the engine.


The turbo is Trust’s TD07-25G. Wastegate is also made by Trust.


Though this car was using a T88-34D turbo for quite some time, it was recently upgraded to this TD07-25G in favor of more power. When combined with the side port expansion tune, it has the potential to reach 8000rpm. Boost pressure is around 450ps at 1.15kg but it has a more modest 400ps at 1.0kg for daily use.


This Wangan suspension kit is a long selling product by Auto Select.


The Auto Select “Wangan Suspension Kit” installed uses a special Silkolene blend oil in aluminum shell casing damper. This damper has a 30-stage adjustable damping force and Eibach springs (F17.5kg/mm R20kg/mm). The rear is stroked to provide a setup that enhances road surface tracking. Bushings are all pillowball. The LSD is a super lock unit by OS Giken.


The front calipers were upgraded to reinforced Brembo ones.


The brakes have Brembo F40 calipers and 340mm rotors at the front. The rear is a front-oriented setup that uses modified factory calipers and rotors. The rear braking power is then adjusted with a brake balancer.


The roll cage is welded directly to the body, leaving only the minimum necessary interior elements. Very racy indeed!


The rigidity has been strengthened throughout. The roll cage extends from the rear strut towers to overcome a weak point in hatchback style vehicles. Rivets are also used throughout to strengthen the body. The interior removes all comforts with the exception of the heater. The transmission is a 6-speed from Trust.


The exterior blends C-WEST headlights and RE Amemiya AD-GT bumpers and aero.


Weight reduction using dry carbon, titanium, FRP and acrylic parts combine to a total weight of less than 1100kg. Each flap of the original carbon double spoiler can be adjusted to generate maximum downforce.


The amazing speed of this Yellow Eagle allowed it to win many tuning car circuit events as well as the Tomei Cannonball by a large margin. The video can be found on YouTube if you are interested! This is a legendary RX7! (from OPTION Magazine August 2009 issue)


●Special Thanks:Auto Select 221-5 Tanjo, Mihara-ward, Sakai City, Osaka TEL:072-363-0383


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