「The Ultimate Version of a Leopard for the Ultimate Leopard Fan!」Powered by a Modified RB25 with ITB’s!

Published : 2020/03/13 16:37 Modified : 2020/03/13 18:56

Shiny down to each and every detail! An F31 tuned using modern know-how!


A high-spec swap with inline 6 throttles!


The owner of this car is a big fan of Nissan Leopards, owning his fair share of various Leopard models up until now. He wanted to build a Leopard that he could enjoy driving for his entire life. This is why he decided to swap in an RB25DE that he had been longing for since many years prior.



The base engine is an RB25 from an ER33 Skyline. Rather than a simple swap, a factory RB26DETT throttle was modified to make a 6-unit throttle. 44φ funnels were attached to the Solex carburator. It has a response that is unique to mulitple throttle engines and an aggressive intake sound. Control is done by a Power FC.



A Marchal wooden shift knob and analog-style Panasonic CQ-VQ5500 head unit dress up the interior. A remote-like button is a trigger that controls the ECV (a valve that silences the muffler). The engine is from an ER33 Skyline but the transmission uses a 5-speeed MT from a BNR32. Rear differential is an R200 from the R31 Skyline.



Upgrades that blended old with new were not only limited to the engine and drivetrain. The exterior has been fully repainted to Nissan Z33 Diamond Silver. Wheels are classic Longchamp XR4. The body has a modern atmosphere while steel retaining an old-school feel.



These beautiful Longchamp XR4’s are 8J front and 9J rear with Direzza DZ101 tires (F185/55-15 R195/55-15). A Silk Road fully adjustable suspension provides a smooth ride and low-down ride height.



A dual exit exhaust aims for the same look as classic cars like the Hakosuka and Kenmeri Skylines. Even in small details such as this, you can feel the owner’s commitment to creating a well balanced yet aggressively styled car.



This Leopard which has been lovingly built to its owners discerning expectation will continue to remain a car that he can enjoy forever. (Excerpt from OPTION CARAVAN)