「I Did a Double Take When I Saw These Cars Drifting!」Hakosuka & La Seyde ・・・2 Unexpected Drift Cars! [V-OPT]

2020/03/14 17:57

Two rare drift machines that grab your attention (from Drift Tengoku Vol. 75 ②)


●Check.1 Nissan Skyline GC10 (Hakosuka)



The first car is the world famous Japanese classic, Hakosuka Skyline. Although its current value and rarity keep it from being a common choice for a drift car, this one has been modifed especially for going sideways on the circuit. D1GP driver Takahiro Ueno challenges this car in the video.


●Check.2 Mitsuoka La Seyde (S15)



The second rare car to see drifting is this La Seyde. It was sold under the Mitsuoka marque and limited to 100 cars. The base car underneath is actually an S15 Silvia so parts from it can actually be used when needed. Check out the impressive drifts from this super long wheelbase car!


NOTE: Though the video is only available in Japanese, you can modify the settings to display automatically translated subtitles in English through Google. Sometimes, the translation is not accurate but for the most part you can understand the contents using this feature. We hope to provide full English translations of V-OPT videos in the future. Thanks for your understanding. 


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