「This is the FC3S I’ve Wanted Since I Was A Kid! 」 A Privateer’s C7 Turbo Tuned RX7!

Published : 2020/03/15 11:01 Modified : 2020/03/15 11:01

Body tuning aimed at the shape of the RE Amemiya GReddy.1


It has an IHI-made C7 turbo from back in the day that’s hard to come by!


This is a great looking FC3S that is straight from the days of this owner’s father’s tuning generation. The owner is now the chairman of the RE Owner’s Club “RE Evolution”. He says that he found this late model Infini III around 6 years ago. This is a car he had wanted since he was very young. Before this, he was driving an FD3S for 21 years.



As you can see from the characteristic fixed headlights, the aim was to look similar to the famous “RE Amemiya GReddy 1” which stole the show at the 1989 Tokyo Auto Salon. However, instead of making a full replica of that car, it has been equipped with an RE Amemiya diffuser for an FD3S and a Uras front underspoiler for an S15 Silvia. This gives the car a slightly different look but still ticks the necessary boxes for a true circuit machine.



Other aero parts are also RE Amemiya including JSS-spec louver ducts, hood, side skirts, diffuser and GT wing. Front and rear fenders are made by Foresight, adding 60mm to the front and 35mm to the rear. These fenders accomodate 9.5J +12 Volk Racing TE37SL and 225/40-17 size tires. Brakes use FD3S GReddy 6-pot calipers with 330mm rotors for supreme stopping power. The LSD is a Cusco Type RS.



Other than the CP tuning, the owner has basically done all the tuning work on the car himself. The 13B-T engine has side port expansion and the turbo is an IHI C7 which was a popular choice back in the day. Since the FC3S electrical system is notoriously weaker than the FD, the alternator has been repalced with one for and FD3S. Control is done by Power FC.



The interior has a 7-point roll cage, RECARO SP-GT2 full bucket seat, large tachometer and NASCAR style window netting. Currently the car is not road registered and used only for the circuit, but the owner is considering re-registering.



“This C7 turbo with a long pipe in front of the intercooler is a setup that is not ideal if the power band is removed. However, I want to be able to drive the car with ease. I know a V-mount setup would be easy to drive fast, but I really want to keep my parts period correct in this car.” says the owner.



The owner is now living a life with his dream FC3S that he longed for since his school days. The parts choices here make it a car that he can continue to enjoy for many years.