「An S30Z With a Legendary Tuned Engine」This Fully Restored Classic is Not Your Normal Z-Car!

Published : 2020/03/15 17:45 Modified : 2020/03/15 17:45

Deep tuning based on OS Giken’s TC24-B1


A restoration project that brought out the full charm of the S30Z


The owner of this Z got into old cars through his father who is driving a Hakosuka. Around the time he got this Z, he was able to get his hands on an OS Giken tuned TC24-B1 engine. This was no small matter, as only 9 of these amazing engines were produced. Although the original L28 was in good condition, it was obvious that the swap to the TC24-B1 had to happen.



“At first I was just thinking to keep the car original and give it a fresh paint job, but after I got this engine, things spiralled way out of control” says the owner with a laugh. “I got excited to remake the entire car from scratch and we carried out a full restoration and swap from there.”



Once the car was fully stripped, the body was spot welded and strengthned. The body was customized to raise the floor panel by 80mm so that no problems would arise even if the car’s ride height was drastically lowered. The overall look of the car is rounded out by how it sits on the tires, and how they fit with the fenders. The body color was fully repainted to R35GT-R Vibrant Red.



The twin-cam fully tuned L28 engine uses an Italian made Weber 55φ, a one-off original 310 degree high cam and Cunningham titanium connecting rod. 10,000rpm is possible. A detailed power check was not yet performed but the owner estimates around 400ps.



The interior was also entirely redone and has a Cusco chromoly 8-point roll cage. The dashboard and door liners are updated to full carbon pieces. Gauges are Defi’s Advance RS (φ80 / 11000rpm) tachometer, φ52 water temperature / oil temperature / oil pressure gauge, and an auto meter fuel gauge. The steering wheel is a Momo Prototype model.



The e-brake is equipped with a Kinokuni line lock lever. Seats are Bride’s Low-max “Zodia”.



The wheels are Watanabe 8-spoke magnesium. Clear was painted on the magnesium to bring out a luster that is not found in the original.



The exterior keeps the original refined flavor of the classic S30Z, but injects a lot of modern parts and ideas to make it stand out. Quality modern parts such as the carbon dashboard, carbon clutch and Brembo calipers have been seamlessly integrated with thought to the balance of the car. (Excerpt from OPTION CARAVAN)