「A Prime Example of a Left-Hand-Drive Drift-Ready JZA80」A Knockout Gold Bodied Supra with Attractive Aero Parts!

Published : 2020/03/17 18:14 Modified : 2020/03/17 18:16

A 550hp Supra based on American specifications


This Supra oozes presence as a versatile tuning car!


Blitz and Veilside aero parts combine for an aggressive original look and the 2JZ engine has output of 550ps. The car is completed in a flashy gold pearl color. Even with all these things going for it, add to that its targa top and US-left hand drive specification. Now we’re talking!



The engine remains pretty much factory, but the turbo was upgraded to a large single K27-3476. At max boost of 1.3kg, it has an output of around 550ps. “The bottom range is just adequate but the punch is strong,” says the owner.



In interior with left-hand steering and a targa top gives off the feel of an American style Supra. Floor plates and gauge surrounds are painted gold in accordance with the body color. The automatic transmission is an upgraded unit by Schwören.



The targa top has less rigidity than the normal model so it was reinforced with a Do-Luck tension gauge. The RECARO SRIII leather seats give the interior a sophisticated atmosphere.



The wheels are Volk Racing AV3. On one side of the car, the outer rims were gold plated and black annodizing has been applied to the discs. Suspension is made by CST and tie-rods are URAS.



The owner is a driver who enjoys both high speed runs as well as drifting. He had even been featured in drift magazines in the past. This JZA80 which responds to his changing demands is definitely a powerful and versatile machine. (Excerpt from OPTION CARAVAN)