「The Second Generation GT-R is Still Evolving!」A Totally New Bolt-On Turbo Kit Debuts from Tomei Powered!

Published : 2020/03/17 17:06 Modified : 2020/03/17 17:06

The long awaited ball-bearing turbo is back!


For details see Hyper Rev Magazine Vol. 242 『Nissan Skyline GT-R No.9』!


The Tomei Powered Garrett ball-bearing turbo system is very compatible with the RB26DETT. Although it disappered from the lineup due to product consolidation, it was recently announced that this masterpiece of a turbo will be revived as the “T550B”!



The target output for a normal engine with this kit is 550ps. The center cartridge is made by IHI and uses an ultra-high precision ball bearing which is key in turbo performance. The outer diamter of the compressor wheel is 60mm and outer diameter of the turbo wheel is 48mm.



Surge resistance using only the main body without a ported shroud achieves superior cost performance.



If the boost is set to 1.0kg or more, a 550 to 600cc injector and large capacity fuel pump are required. Tomei Powered also supplies delivery pipes (28,000 yen each) compatible with JECS and DENSO.



This power graph is based on a car equipped with a Tomei Powered cam, full cast exhaust manifold, turbo outlet and Ti Racing front pipe in addition to the T550 turbo. Power is significantly improved in the middle and high speed range while holding the same low speed range as factory.



This turbo is compatible with all second generation GT-R models and is priced at 380,000yen. In addition to the body, the kit includes oil lubrication hoses, gaskets, stud bolts and other parts necessary for installation. If you have the tools and basic know-how you can install this kit DIY.


TEXT:Hidetoshi Kawasaki/PHOTO:Nobutoshi Kaneko


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On Newsstands March 16th!!

「Hyper Rev vol.242『Nissan Skyline GT-R No.9」



This Hyper Rev magazine/book has all the latest tuning information for the second generation GT-R, including the turbo kit introduced here. It is now on newstands in Japan. Cataloging over 1400 different parts, this special issue should not be missed by fans or owners of the GT-R.


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