「Developed in a Wind Tunnel」Super High Performance Aerodynamics for the GR Supra are Here!

Published : 2020/03/18 18:12 Modified : 2020/03/18 18:12

Confirmed as an aero parts supplier in Super Taikyu races!


INGS uses their technical abilities to maximize aerodynamics within the range of safety standards.

The INGS developed N-Spec Series are parts used in super endurance races where extreme performance is required under strict standards and regulations. It was decided to produce aerodynamic parts for the GR Supra specifically for use in Super Taikyu and development quickly began with a focus on speed and functionality.


The Phoenix’s Power demo car armed with INGS aerodynamic parts

The seriousness of these parts are on another level. A demo car was brought to Mie University’s wind tunnel facility and extensive testing and development were done. The results of those findings went to designing and producing these parts with aerodynamic function as their top priority.

Front bumper: FRP + Carbon 310,000yen / FRP 210,000yen

In addition to providing aerodynamic function, the front bumper spoiler is essential in enhancing the cooling performance to the engine. However, various sensors which have fixed positions that cannot be changed are installed in the Supra. This made design and development of the bumper tricky. Under such restrictions, the maximum allowable area was opened to allow airflow in for cooling using. Through rigorous wind tunnel developement, shapes on both sides of the bumper that resemble canards were made. With these, downforce at the front is maximized.

Side skirts: FRP + Carbon 196,000yen / FRP 120,000yen

Side skirts which contribute to the aerodynamics have a large duct shape that is integrated into the rear fender. It is not only functional but also visual appealing in design.

There is a rear bumper available with outlet ducts on both sides, but the Phoenixs Power demo car seen here has a more understated and normal look.

Single and double layer Z power wings are available. Prices start at 268,000yen for wet carbon and 558,000yen for dry carbon.

The rear is equipped with a Z power wing that is 1500mm wide with two side wings. The GR Supra has an FRP trunk but a special design helps install this wing taking advantage of the hatches internal structure.

Wheels are BBS LM (F8.5J x 20 / R10J x 20). The tires are Advan Sport V105. The gold wheels against the bright red body creates a striking contrast. Brakes are Endless with a 6-pot caliper. 370mm rotors are at the front while 335mm rotors are at the rear, making use of an inch-up kit that is compatible with electric calipers.


Sales of the GR Supra are now booming in all parts of the world. However, aero kits like this one which was actually developed through wind tunnel testing cannot be found elsewhere. This is a kit that achieves the highest functionality while still attracting plenty of visual attention.
●Contact:INGS TEL:0744-42-0611/Special Thanks:Phoenix’s Power Kyoto 37-2 Sotoyashiki Sako, Kumiyama, Kuse, Kyoto Prefecture TEL:0774-48-1157


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