「A Z33 In a Crazy High Response Specification!」6-Throttles Bring an Edge to this VQ35DE

Published : 2020/03/18 10:51 Modified : 2020/03/18 10:51

The release of a 6-throttle kit with an aggressive sound that can be used as a daily!


An engine produced with the fun of running and the pleasure of a racy exhaust note


The VQ35DE that powers the Z33 can be said to be an engine that is open to a variety of modifications. There are no shortage of tuning cars with this Z as the base, produced by many tuning shops worldwide. Even turbochargers and superchargers have been actively used in addition to basic NA tuning.



But the car that we have here has an unsual approach for a Z33. The six-unit throttle attached is a method that is quite uncommon, and for a reason; It is complex to control. There are almost no 6-unit throttles that are compatible with electronic control and analog controlled wire type throttles are tricky to get right.



Garage Masabe located in Okayama prefecture was able to overcome this hurdle. Along with taking the time to maintain consistency, they finally completed an electronically controlled 6-unit throttle.


“This six-unit throttle for the VQ35 is intended to have a direct intake sound and response rather than numerical performance figures for peak power. The goal of this kit is to make the Z33 fun to drive easily,” says Mr. Masabe who tuned the vehicle.



The key to this throttle system is modifying the genuine throttle mechanism. By connecting the linkage from the shaft of the throttle, the butterfly valve is opened and closed. Using the intake air temperature and pressure from the vacuum tank, adjustments can be made depending on the driving situation and idle-up when cold or using the air conditioner is possible as well.



The full package includes an intake manifold and 6-throttle body kit, fuel delivery, throttle linkage and injector adapter. Management is done with the genuine ECU and uses an F-CON V Pro for ignition timing, fuel control and throttle.



Normal injectors with adapters are used to keep costs at a minimum. It is however possible to respond to future upgrades like large capacity injectors. The kit also includes a vacuum block for generating negative pressure.



The funnels are made of aluminum and are straight with no curled tip. This basic funnel can draw power from low to high rpm, but more efficient curl-type funnels are available as an option.



This kit can be had for 378,000yen. Though slightly more pricey than some other throttle kits, there is no doubt that a lot of Z33 owners are attracted to this classic kit.


●Special Thanks:Garage Manabe  1258-3 Takehara, Higashi-ward, Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture TEL:086-201-2212