「I’ve Never Seen A ZC32S Swift Sport So Low!」 9J Wheels With Negative Offset Fit in Factory Body Lines

Published : 2020/03/20 12:39 Modified : 2020/03/20 12:39

Fitting a wheel size larger than a GT-R on this normal bodied car


Negative offset wheels fit in without reshaping the factory fenders


On first glance, you’ll notice the very low ride height of this Swift, but upon closer examination you’ll see something interesting about the wheels that are fitted. They are Volk Racing TE37V in aggressive 17x9J +20 at the front and 17x9J -10 at the rear.


The lower arms are modified to fit negative offset 9J wheels without modifying the factory fenders.


Wheels this wide obviously cannot fit within the ZC32S’s factory body lines without modification. The rear axles were modified and brake calipers were relocated. Precise calculations were made to bring the outer rims of these 9J wheels just in line with the factory fenders.


Triforce suspension brings the ride height down to the limit.


The tire size is 195/45R17 for both front and rear. Suspension is a Triforce setup with front and rear 12kg/mm springs.


Even ZC32S owners may not notice the subtle custom grille. It was upgraded in place of the factory one.


The genuine factory bumper grille uses a single-piece molded mesh that the owner found to look a bit cheap. He upgraded it to the custom grille seen here. Since the grille selected is made of the same molded resin, it is a point that doesn’t stand out until specifically pointed out. The Suzuki emblem has also been removed from the grille for a more refreshed look.


The exhaust is HKS Legamax Premium with 90φ exit and heat gradation.


The rear bumper is normal but the exhaust/muffler have been upgraded to HKS Legamax Premium. It has a comfortable sporty sound that doesn’t become too flashy.



This ZC3SS remains simple overall, but each part has been carefully selected resulting in a fine balanced apperance. The owner uses this car for daily communting and will continue to enjoy this street tuned Swift on a daily basis.