「Turbo Tuning that Brings Punch to the Altezza」Tried and True Techniques that Exceed 300hp Safely

Published : 2020/03/21 20:17 Modified : 2020/03/21 20:17

A strong and reliable SXE10 with genuine factory parts and a turbo upgrade


The aim is a high response specification with over 300ps!


Upon its debut, the Altezza did not get a lot of attention as a tuning car base. However, now that prices have fallen and it is quite common, various tuning options have become popular and widely available. This is a good base car for tuning!



Among the many tuners focusing on the Altezza were “FNATZ”. The shop recommends a turbocharger tune based on the TRUST TD04H-19T turbo kit (270,000yen).


Prerequisites include replacing the injectors, installation of an intercooler and computer setting.


The basic stage makes use of the normal factory engine and aims to receive about 285ps at a boost pressure of 0.7kg by replacing the injectors and installing an intercooler. The attractive part of this turbo kit is that you can boost it even further with light engine tuning. The elements of this tuning menu are easy to step up from stage to stage.



When installing the TD04H-19T turbo kit, the injectors capacity will not be sufficient. However, if it is replaced with a genuine factory 3S-GT 540cc injector, it can handle up to 1.0kg of boost without upgrading the fuel pump.


The car is equipped with a two-layer aluminum intercooler made by TRUST.


As the intake air temperature rises when boost is applied, the installation of a front mount intercooler becomes necessary. Because the turbo kit doesn’t include an intercooler, the car here was equipped with a TRUST two-layer aluminum TYPE28E one.



Even with this bolt-on turbo, a sufficient power increase can be had. However, FNATZ prepared a second stage based on this turbo kit for higher power oriented driving. That stage is an overhaul plus alpha that incorporates a 3S-GT genuine factory connecting rod and piston.


“It doesn’t make sense to add a turbo that will break the engine, so its important to have a durable engine to start with. In that sense, this overhauled 3S-GT method with the TD04H-19T turbo kit using genuine factory parts is ideal” say FNATZ.



By reducing the compression ratio to 10:1, the maximum boost pressure can exceed 1.0kg. The output reached is over 300ps. The result is a super quick sedan that compete with fast sports models.


●Special Thanks:FNATZ 2-6 Hakonegasaki-Higashimatsubara, Mizuho, Nishitama, Tokyo Prefecture TEL:042-513-9327


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