「I Dared to Take the ER34 This Far!」An Insane 750hp in a Lightweight Body

Published : 2020/03/22 23:55 Modified : 2020/03/22 23:55

A famous tuning shop has tuned this privately-owned ER34 beyond the abilities of a BNR34!


An RB25 modified to RB2.65 specification with 750ps


RB tuning specialist Mr. Ishikawa from tuning shop “Testarossa” has produced this privately owned Skyline you see here. The shop is near Fuji Speedway and can access the course easily for hard driving. It was there that they refined the tuning and setting of this car. Some might even call this the strongest tuned ER34 Skyline anywhere.


Surge tank, intake manifold and exhaust manifold are TRUST. Infini was the choice for the throttle.


The engine is an RB25 modified to an RB2.65 specification. This is something tuners Testarossa specialize in. Other tuning work includes 87φ forged pistons, HKS connecting rod and RB26 genuine factory crank. The head is a Tomei Powered Procam (IN / EX272 degree, 10mm lift) and reinforced valve springs.



The turbo is a TRUST T78-33D. Controlled by an F-CON V Pro, max power is around 750ps at max boost pressure of 1.6kg. This is comparable with a drag racing spec power output.


The cockpit retains only the minimum requirements. Carpeting has also been removed.


The interior has been throroughly reduced in weight, including the removal of all interior comforts and carpeting. As a result, the weight has been reduced from 1410kg to 1250kg. Gauges are managed centrally.


The interior is equipped with a roll cage.


On the driver’s side a RECARO pro racer seat is installed. 7-point roll cage is bolted in. The car has the ability to lap Fuji Speedway in the 1:40 range.



The suspension is based on Apex N1 pro dampers (F14kg/mm R10kg/mm). The exterior has Nismo’s BNR34 bumpers and high-mount GT wing to create an impactful form comparable to the GT-R.


Wide fenders house high-grip tires for circuit driving


The rear fender is 30mm wider than the GT-R on each side and incorporates 18-inch BBS LM Gold wheels with Advan A048 (265/35-18) tires.



According to Mr. Ishikawa, “I think rather than go this far with an ER34, many would just prefer a GT-R. However, the ER34 is lighter and costs less for running tires, oil, etc. Not many people realize the ER34 has this much potential.”



The ER34 realizes a fairly wide power band (4500-8000rpm) and can be driven comfortably. Pair carefully selected parts, a precise setup and an RB engine all overseen by a top tuner and you have an ideal tuning car.


●Special Thanks:Testarossa  1065 Matsunaga, Numazu City, Shizuoka Prefecture TEL:055-967-5111