「This “Wonder” Civic Crosses into Crazy Territory! 」 Did We Go Too Crazy on This Wire Tuck?

Published : 2020/03/29 23:36 Modified : 2020/03/31 16:13

The wire-tucked engine bay is something to behold


The B18C can provide ample power even in an ultra clean state like this?


A custom technique that has become popular in American JDM tuning circles is the “wire tuck”. As the name suggests, this method hides wiring and engine parts which have been deemed unsightly. This simplifies the look of the engine bay.



This “Wonder Civic” was made with the aim to wire-tuck the engine bay to extreme simplicity. The owner, Ryan, is actually the representative of “Rywire” which develops and sells harnesses for wire tuck work. The goal here was to embody the ultimate wire tuck job in his own personal car.



You can see the awesome level of work in this engine bay. The engine is a B18C out of an Integra Type R. It has been fitted with 55φ throttle bodies. It also has a direct ignition and plug cord omit.



The battery is a small race type dry model that has been hidden beneath the light. The radiator is also installed inconspicuously in the core support, hiding it from view. This is an original Rywire product called “Tucked Radiator”. The radiator hoses have been color matched with the head cover.



The throttle is drive-by-wire, an electronically controlled setup. In addition to operating perfectly with the AEM management system, the electronic throttle and direct ignition contribute to improved performance with reduced wiring.


The bay has been totally smoothed, though one fender side has been left totally open. This is to draw attention to the fact that literally everything has been removed from the engine bay.



All possible wiring has been combined to one path. The “Rywire” harness kit was inspired by the simple wiring of racing cars. All parts are top quality and comply with MIL specifications to withstand hard use.



The car is JDM specification with right-hand drive. The gauge panel is covered and a digital Racepak display is set up. Aside from the steering wheel and shifter, the interior remains virtually factory.



The suspension is based upon HeelToe Automotive’s damper kit. Wheels are Mugen CF-48 with GENERAL G-MAX AS-03 tires in 195/55-15 sizing.



Speaking in terms of custom work, adding parts is old news here. The impact of subtracting parts cannot be overlooked in this amazing car.


Photo: Akio HIRANO TEXT:Takayoshi SUZUKI