「Production Begins Again on Wide Sizing for Classic SSR MkII & MkIII!」Legendary Wheels from Speed Star Revived in Limited Numbers

Published : 2020/03/29 22:52 Modified : 2020/03/29 22:52

Timeless wheels for old cars have been brought back to life in wide sizing


The order period and production are limited! Fans of old-school wheels should act now!


The renowned Speed Star series which had been in production since the 1970s have been re-released by SSR. These two designs, MK-II and MK-III, have gained enormous support from classic car fans. Production in wide sizing returns for the first time in several decades.




A representative from Tanabe (Distributor for SSR) tells us the reason for production is that a younger generation of old-school car fans were told they couldn’t get their hands on such specifications anymore. In other words, demand for this size of these famous wheels brought them back.



The sizes brought back to production are shown in yellow in the chart. 14 and 15-inch designs get 8.5J up to 11J sizing in aggressive offsets. The number of pieces produced and the order period are both limited. Pricing and order information will be announced soon. All old-school car fans should keep an eye out for follow-up information.


●Contact:Tanabe TEL:072-728-6700


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