「This is the Power of RE Amemiya Technology!」An Automotive Masterpiece Known As the GReddy 6 Which Impressed Pro Racing Drivers【OPTION Back Number】

Published : 2020/03/30 22:47 Modified : 2020/03/30 22:47

An AZ-1 based car registered for road use!


Tarzan Yamada drives his dream supertuned car on the streets


It’s surprising that even tuned to this level, it can still run on public roads and is registered with a number plate.


The only GReddy that wasn’t an RX7 in the long history of RE Amemiya was the ‘6’, produced on the theme of a rotary tuned midship. The base vehicle is the Autozam AZ-1 kei car, although almost no features from the original car remain.



The body, which was styled as a tribute to such cars as the Yamaha OX99-11 and McLaren F1 is made using the AZ-1’s monocoque body. A pipe frame and body cowl were added. The exterior is completely RE Amemiya original, highlighted by a completely unique racing silhouette.



The suspension and transmission were transplanted from a Porsche 962C.


The damper is also for formula racing. Spring rate is 1500lb (26kg/mm) at the front and 1600lb (29kg/mm) at the rear. A setting that can run on the street as well as the circuit has been sought.



The front rotors were transplanted from an RE Amemiya car that participated in GT Championship races. The outer diameter was shaved down to accomodate 17-inch Regamasters. The rear uses F50 brakes.



The engine is mounted low for driving performance. It is powered by a 13B based 20B with a T78-33D big single turbo. Max output is a staggering 500ps. The engine is dry sumped and has an ultra low center of gravity.



The interior is the only place that retains the AZ-1 atmosphere. The air conditioner is kept as-is and audio is from Carrozeria. Gauges including oil temp, water temp and oil pressure are all stacked. The root of the shifter is from a Porsche and all other parts are one-off original shift linkages. The transmission has a thicker shaft than the 911 series.



Tarzan Yamada gave the car a test run on public roads and said, “Its like a racing car but so easy to drive. Handling is super solid and direct. As expected, RE Amemiya’s technical skill is incredible!”



“We spent a lot of time and money on this car so after completion, I was really thinking about entering it in 24-hour endurance races. It wasn’t meant to be and after that I registered it for road use. It had a 30L fuel tank so unfortunately I didn’t have many chances to drive it,” says Ame-san.



The car debuted at Tokyo Auto Salon 1996 in a red color. After changing hands a few times, it was repainted white and reappeared at Tokyo Auto Salon in 2001 as “GReddy 6 AZ-1 ’00 White Color”. (Excerpt from the April 2002 issue of OPTION Magazine)


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