「Side by Side Drifting on 3-Wheels?!」Collection of Miracle Drift Videos【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/03/31 16:34 Modified : 2020/03/31 16:34

Drift Impact Video Collecton BEST 30, Drift Tengoku Vol. 67


●Check.1 Miracle Crash



There is a higher crash rate in competitive drifting than many other motor sports. If you add the elements of “unfamiliar course” with “unfamiliar car”, the possibility to see insane crashes increases. At the first D1 Tokyo Drift (Odaiba) held in 2004, an AE86 driven by Mr. Yoshioka flew high into the air as the crowd looked on.


●Check.2 The skills of Drift Master “Mr. Excitement”



Driver Yasuyuki Kazama, known as “Mr. Excitement” added a splash of entertainment to the early days of D1GP with his overwhelming ability. This man, who not only has the necessary technique to compete but also to wow the crowd, created a technique called “box drift”. In this clip you can see various scenes demonstrating his abilities.


NOTE: Though the video is only available in Japanese, you can modify the settings to display automatically translated subtitles in English through Google. Sometimes, the translation is not accurate but for the most part you can understand the contents using this feature. We hope to provide full English translations of V-OPT videos in the future. Thanks for your understanding.