「The Current Model NSX Seems Utterly Invincible!」A Low-Down Crimson Super Machine by Artisan Spirits!

Published : 2020/04/13 23:44 Modified : 2020/04/13 23:44

Artisan Spirits give quality upgrades to the new NSX


A complete aero kit for fans of sports styling around the world


The Artisan Sprits Black Label Series carries the theme, “A sharper and more elegant silhouette that evokes an even sportier image than the original”. The brand, which has produced a variety of aero parts for luxury and sports cars announced complete body kits for the 86 & BRZ in 2019. There was a great response to these kits.


Artisan Spirits have been working diligently on this complete kit for the current NSX. It was unveiled to excited onlookers at the recent 2020 Tokyo Auto Salon.


It was said by some that this kit has a presence that improves upon the lines of the original but can only be truly noticed by those with a discerning eye. Despite its subtle form, it really does have a distinctly different look over the normal car. Anyhow, the aero work does its job to bring out the maxiumum beauty of the base car.



The NSX is a high-performance luxury sports car with prices that exceed 20 million yen. Due to the limited number of units sold, it is difficult to develop aero parts for this car to turn a profit. Nevertheless, Artisan Spirits decided to release this kit in response to domestic and overseas fans of the model.



The front underspoiler which is added to the genuine factory bumper has a simple design that gives respect to the original press line. Canards add a touch of sports style.


Front fender ducts add a slit-like design to emphasize the widebody feeling of the car. Attention to detail for fitment of the parts is very high.


The rear spoiler is a three piece split type. Presence is emphasized by changing the angle at the center piece. Other rear spoiler options are also available.


Widebody fenders add 80mm to each side, allowing for more aggressively sized wheels. This demo car combines Leon Hardiritt 20-inch wheels (F9J R10J) with Advan Sports V105 tires (F245/30 R305/30).



All the parts are subtle yet refined pieces that blend well with the original genuine form. With the aero parts installed, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it looks like a complete car produced by a renowned manufacturer. Both the high quality design and finish of these parts are sure to attract attention from NSX owners worldwide.


●Pricing:Front Under Spoiler:148000JPY〜/Side Under Spoiler:165000JPY〜/Rear Spoiler(3P):180000JPY〜/Trunk Spoiler(3P):98000JPY〜/Fear Overfender(4P):128000JPY/Front Fender Duct(2P):68000JPY/Front Canard(2P):65000JPY〜


●Contact:Artisan Spirits TEL:048-422-4841


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