「A Faithful Homage to “Hajime-chan’s Soarer” from Shakotan Boogie?!」The Tuning is as Hot as the Original! 【OPTION Back Number】

2020/04/13 21:42

Here we have an homage to the main character Hajime-chan’s famous Soarer from the masterpiece comic book series “Shaktoan Boogie”. It has been seriously tuned like the original car and is not a mere lookalike replica. (Excerpt from the May 2003 of OPTION magazine)



The engine was swapped to an RB26DETT straight out of the pages of the now world-famous comic book!


A unique tune that carries the spirit of its “shakotan” origins


If you saw this car on the streets you might think that the famous “Hajime-chan Soarer” has jumped straight out of the famous comic into the real world. This Soarer, produced by Fukuoka tuners SPEED (※) has been tailored as a modern day sports car and equipped with the latest parts, while maintaining the style and appearance from back in the day.


Although the vehicle was easily found by the owner through online auctions, parts that he needed proved to be a bit more tricky to come by. Not surprisingly, many of the aerodynamic parts of the body kit and graphics are handmade. But to find the real heart of this Soarer you need to look deeper.



In order to fully replicate the comic book car, the 1G engine was swapped in favor of an RB26. The engine is from a BCNR33 with the head cover from a BNR34. Though only lightly tuned with intake and exhaust parts, it already produced 300ps which is ample power for a 10-series Soarer.


There seems to be no problem fitting the RB in because the original 1G was also a 6-cylinder. However, since the mounting points are different, it incorporates R32 mounts that require only minor modification.



The transmission uses a compact R32 5-speed manual because the floor tunnel is narrow. As far as installation, it was pretty straightforward and also needed few modifcations to fit up. The propeller shaft is a one-off original.



The mirrors are classic Vitaloni models that were old stock from the shop. A meteor lamp, a popular interior accessory from back in the day sits on the dash. There are other period details and accessories provided by the shop’s customers.



The wheels are Longchamp XR-4. 205 size tires are stretched onto 10J rears to mimic the look of the comic book car. Fenders were widened by 30mm using iron plate welding and smoothed with putty.



For the suspension, 60mm short casings based on S13 coilovers were installed. Springs are made by Swift. The rear has factory cut springs and Bilstein dampers.



The exterior has the classic combination of front chinspoiler and rear Hakosuka-style wing. The appearance is the same as Hajime-chan’s famous car, though it gets a few updates including HID headlights and other technological touches.


Despite its stunning full-replica specification, this project that swaps a modern powerplant into an older car may be one of the ways the tuning industry moves forward.


(※Tuning shop SPEED is no longer in operation)