「An S30Z with a 4-Rotor Swap?!」A Unique Scoot-tuned Road Rocket! [V-OPT]

Published : 2020/04/14 23:13 Modified : 2020/04/14 23:13

Sensual Sounds! A 4-Rotor S30Z on Public Roads


●Check.1The tuners talk about this ultra-unique engine swap



The owner who purchased this S30Z couldn’t get accustomed to the feeling of the L-type engine. He wanted a rotary engine like in the SA22C that he drove before. But instead of the 13B, he went for a Scoot original 4-rotor unit.


●Check.2A Test Drive Impression by Motor Journalist Toshifumi Watanabe!



The driving impression is handled by professional car critic Mr. Toshifumi Watanabe who owns an FD3S. Though tuning was still in the setting stages, the feeling was already quite different from a normal tuned classic car.


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