「The Legendary “Jellyfish” is Back After 30 Years!」A Revived Model Using Modern Technology 【Best Wheel Digest】

Published : 2020/04/19 21:46 Modified : 2020/04/19 21:46

A great revival of an old treasured design


The sophistication of the classic design now with compliance with the latest safety standards


The popularity for old and neo-classic cars is being rekindled. Car owners that miss the good old days are steadily increasing.


Weds has begun to produce one of their masterpiece wheels again. “Weds Sport Racing” appeared in the 1980s and were popular among those who ran mountain passes as well as the circuit. This popular design has been revived with modern technological capabilities.


The outer rim between the spokes has received holes for weight reduction


This model with roots in motorsport was known by its popular nickname “The Jellyfish”. It was the original wheel for FF vehicles in the 1600cc class and below (Division 1) of the All Japan Touring Car Championship.


For that reason, the outer circumference of the disc has been made lighter by opening holes there. The spokes draw a gentle curve to accomodate larger brakes. Using advanced materials and methods, the area between the spokes was also increased to provide better heat dissipation.


The Wed’s Corolla FX took part in Group A races.

The Wed’s Startlet which also competed in Group A.


This wheel was used by Group A vehicles including the AE92 Levin, EF Civic and EP82 Starlet. The wheel totally swept the touring car races of that era.


30 years later, the wheel now makes its return. The short spokes combined with the stepped rim gives a fresh look to the nostalgic design. In addition to the FF models mentioned above, it is also possible to apply on such vehicles as the Mazda NA roadster.



This Weds Racing wheel which was born as a true race wheel has adopted a two-piece structure to support a wider range of vehicle models. Order made insets are possible for exact fitment across a wide range as well.


The center has the official VIA and JWL markings. It can be used as a street wheel which passes all registration inspections.


As times progress, the demands for higher strength in wheels in increasing. Therefore, Weds Racing put the latest strength analysis and manufacturing technology to produce a wheel that can be pushed to the limit. It also of course meets VIA and JWL standards so there is no need to worry about road legal vehicle inspections.


The wheel is known as “The Jellyfish” because of its spoke shape


The sides of the spokes are shaped so that they become narrower at the back to promote further weight reduction. Using a 3D scanner, these details of the original were faithfully reproduced.



Drilling is performed near the outer edge between the spokes. 14-inch was the standard back then, but the original design was adapted and 15-inch was set to meet current needs.


Mr. Imasaka of Weds was involved in the reproduction of these RACING wheels.


“We have faithfully brought the original design back for a new era. It of course maintains strength standards to suit modern application. The sides of the spokes were reduced to manage weight but the look is still there. It was suprisingly tricky to reproduce this because processes have become more advanced over time” says Mr. Imasaka of Weds.


For now, the available model is 15-inch in white. Depending on the reaction, Weds plans to expand the sizing options and also consider reproducing similar models such as the RS-5.




6.5J×15 +27〜+38:39000円
7.0J×15 +20〜+45:40000円


●Contact:Weds TEL:03-5753-8201


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