「A JZA70 Supra That Thinks Its a Ferrari?!」A Domestic Sports Car With A Euro Exotic Flavor 【OPTION Back Number】

Published : 2020/04/21 23:21 Modified : 2020/04/21 23:21

Here’s an astonishing take on a JZA70 Supra which was finished in the style of a Ferrari Testarossa. The exterior was actually sold as a body kit and is not just a one-off original. (excerpt from OPTION Magazine April 2002 issue)



Made in the style of a Testarossa, but by no means a replica or copy!


The total width is 1980mm! There are also a lot of interesting details throughout.


When Mr. Sato of Marushin Shokai ( ※ ) was comparing plastic models of the JZA70 Supra and the Testarossa, he thought “There are some similarities here…” and this triggered his idea.



As a test, he disassembled each body and chassis and replaced the parts. It didn’t seem like much of a stretch so he began preparing full scale parts to start production on a Ferrari-style body kit for the JZA70. This is the car that came from that idea.



The point of this body kit was not to go “full Ferrari” and was designed to leave some of the atmosphere and styling cues of the JZA70 intact. At 1980mm, the width is quite extreme.



The door panels were widened along with the front and rear fender widening. Normally when increasing the thickness of the door panel, there needs to be some gap or notch to allow for clearance when the door is opened, so as not to interfere with the body. However, this kit has been designed with high accuracy and clears without notches.



There is also a homage to Ferrari in the emblem. The body kits were ordered by serial number so that if repair/replacement aero parts were needed you could reorder parts individually and at a low cost.



The taillight covers are a simple type that surround the factory stock taillights. Still, at first glance they have a very Ferrari-ish atmosphere.



The fuel cover is opened by operating the switch on the interior. By looking at the difference in position of the fuel cap and the body panel, you can really get a sense of the width of the kit.



To match the widened body, Work Meister S1 with a large negative offset have been installed. Furthermore, there is a wide tread spacer of 70mm.



This car has an imported air suspension. It was installed with street practicality in mind.



The rear fenders are affixed with rivets and then filled with putty and smoothed. For the rear hatch, only the stock frame remains. FRP panels are fitted to make a custom hatch. “This is a normal roof, but I think it could be cooler with the targa top” says Mr. Sato.


The price of the full kit ran around 750,000yen. For those after a more Ferrari-like look, more optional parts such as a bonnet with recessed center and sports mirrors were also available. (* Marushin Shokai is no longer in operation at this time.)