「D1GP Machines Attack Tsukuba!」Which Is the Fastest Drift Car in a Grip Battle?! 【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/04/22 22:39 Modified : 2020/04/22 22:40

A fierce battle of legendary D1GP machines at Tsukuba Circuit
Drift Tengoku Vol. 501 Number ⑦


●Real D1 drift cars are fast in grip too!



D1GP vehicles have a lot of built in racing car features that set them apart from mere drift cars. The unprecedented super lap battle seen here runs on the theme of “Such a purpose built drift car should be fast in grip too”. Under special rules of 3 grip laps and 2 drift laps, a heated battle unfolded on the famous Tsukuba Circuit.


●An interesting outcome presents itself when the normal rules for these cars are thrown out the window.



This was a race with irregular rules that mixed drift with grip. However, it was Max Orido’s run that confused the competitors. Who really won this turbulent battle? Watch and find out!