「Added Comfort for BRIDE」3 New Optional Parts Exclusive for Bucket Seats!

Published : 2020/04/23 23:41 Modified : 2020/04/23 23:41

BRIDE debuts three new items for added comfort


From a seat belt holder for convenience to a seat height adjustment pad!


The three new products are “Raku Pad”, “Seat Belt Guide” and “High Position Adjustment Pad”. These have all debuted to make BRIDE bucket seats more comfortable for users.



This is the “Raku Pad”, which reduces neck strain when attached to the seat headrest.



To attach it to the seat, you can use either the belt or velcro attached to the back of the pad. Please note that this item cannot be attached to the DIGO III model because of its larger size headrest.



The second item is the “seat belt guide”. By attaching it to the shoulder part of the bucket seat, it prevents wear on the seat from rubbing of the seat belt over time. It also secures the belt for easy access.



To use it, just wrap it over the shoulder of the seat, affix it with velcro and slide the seat belt through. It is compatible with all BRIDE full bucket seats as well as some reclining models (GIAS / STRADIA). It can be attached at right or left sides.



The third item is the “high position adjustment pad”. It acts as an anchor that raises the seating position in the bucket seat.



It is installed under the seat and thigh cushions that are standard equipment on the seat. It is possible to raise the seating position by up to about 35mm from standard. This item is recommended for drivers short in height or for those who want a better view and vantage point by raising the seating position.



The pad has a two-layer structure. Pad A has a thickness of about 25mm, and the thigh area is made of soft urethane foam to allow feet to reach the pedals comfortably. Pad B at the seat portion is 10mm thick and made of firmer urethane to improve the seating position.


Pricing for the “Raku Pad” and “Seat Belt Guide” are is 4500 yen each respectively. The “High Position Adustment Pad” is 9000 yen. Since reservations have already been started at BRIDE seat dealers nationwide, why not consider adding these items to improve comfort and use of your BRIDE seat?


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