「VIP? Drift Car? Nope, This is a Circuit Warrior!」A 600hp JZX100 Chaser!

Published : 2020/04/24 20:42 Modified : 2020/04/24 20:42

An angry 1.5JZ powerplant hides behind a luxurious appearance


The exterior is subtly modified with simple aero that smoothly tucks in on the underside


This JZX100 Chaser has a unique luxury vibe. At first glance it could be a luxury street car or even a drift car, but in fact it is an all-arounder that is mainly circuit driven.



Power tuning is also performed at a high level in order to pull quick lap times. It has a 2JZ-GTE engine body with a 1JZ-GTE head. A KKK K27 big single turbo is installed. Engine control comes from an F-CON V Pro and produces 600ps/70kgm at max boost of 1.5kg.



The interior has an almost factory look. Gauges are well organized and include a TRD main with Defi auxilary gauges. A Blitz boost controller and Momo steering wheel round out the simple interior.



As for wheels, 19-inch WORK Schwert SC2M take care of daily driving and 18-inch Work Emotion CR with Advan Neova AD08R rubber are set for the circuit.



The exterior has simple aero parts by Super Made. Body color is a one-off original based on dark brown mica metallic. Yellow tint is attached to the windows to coordinate with the exterior.



“I used to have an RX6 turbo on this car but the K27 suits it much better. I can set it for circuit or drag, so its flexible” says the owner.



Although this car doesn’t have a single set purpose, its creation gives it flexibility in both looks and performance. It is a highly refined tuning car that brings out the best in the JZX100 chassis. (Excerpt from OPTION CARAVAN)