“The Audi That Got Everyone’s Attention at TAS Showed Its Potential!” Easily Recorded 9-seconds?!

2020/04/27 21:11

Amazing potential recorded 9 seconds again and again at shake down!


TT-RS 2.5L 5 cylinder turbo makes 740ps 


After market tuning parts manufacture from the US APR makes product for VW Audi, and Porsche. This TT-RS740 was build by APR Japan. 



The base car Audi TT-RS makes 400ps with 2.5l 5 cylinder turbo. APR stage 3 program contains TTF700 hybrid turbo based on stock turbo+inter cooler+intake+inlet pipe+high efficient exhaust system.   




All those parts are controlled by APR ECU called “Direct port programming”

You can change the settings by fuel type with your phone. 600ps with High octane fuel, 700ps with race fuel, and 740ps with E85 alcohol.  




For the power train, transmission is controlled by DQ500 computer, Special type DSG, and Wavetrack diff controller you can change torque barance with phone app.  Wavetrack electric   




MCS 3way race speck coil over has separate tank.   



Front sub frame has been replaced to custom tube type which lighter and stronger than the stock, plus roll centered. All the arms are replaced to adjustable pillow ball type. 




Tires are Hoosier DOT drag radial tire. They are still checking few suspension and launch control settings at the time.




They recorded 9.905 seconds in the shakedown at drag festival (March 7th) 


APR Japan is going to show up at lots of drag race event so stay tuned!


●SPECIAL THANKS:APR Japan TEL:092-883-9222