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Published : 2020/04/28 21:16 Modified : 2020/04/28 21:16

A glimpse at these glamourous new wheels


A dynamic feel of blending disc and spiral designs


SSR’s neo-classical brand “Formula” that gives an advanced approach with the flavor of classic masterpieces



The new design fuses the inner circle and outer “aeromesh” design to bring classic flavor to a new dimension. This is the new model in SSR’s Formula series.


The “Formula Aero Spoke” marks a new step in wheel design and combines both spokes and fins for a dynamic feeling.


The 20 thin fins have a spiral effect of forward rotation for a stylish and sporty look.


The highlight of this wheel is the spiral design that has a reversed direction between the inner and outer sections.


The 5 spoke inner rotates in the reverse direction and the outer fins change direction and spiral with forward rotation. This maximizes the originality of this design.



This design has a feeling of beauty that is backed up by a sporting heritage.


The radiating fins at depth to the design and contrast the more solid center giving it a sturdy appearance. Of course the quality and integrity of construction of SSR is also there.



The detachable aero plate that breaks up the two different disc design sections is made of thin stainless steel and increases the sense of unity of the wheel design.


The wheel for this photoshoot measured 19-inch 9.5J. The 16-inch diameter designs are not just a resize, but rather the ration of inner circle to outer circle and spoke openings have been adjusted.


Aerospoke comes standard in brushed black which is easy to compliment a range of body styles and colors.


Brushed red and brushed blue are also available as options, so it is possible to accent your car by linking it to the variety of colors to choose from.


Black annodized inner and outer rims with a stepped profile bring depth to the disc design. Gold pierce bolts and other hardware options are available for full customization and add a sense of luxury.


This is the latest nostalgic design that follows and “Old is New” concept. Why not try a unique neo-classic style on your car that is sure to compliment a wide range of various models?

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