Popular Car Content Channel「VIDEO OPTION」Now With English Subtitles!!

Published : 2020/05/01 20:31 Modified : 2020/05/01 21:55


We plan to localize content aimed at overseas viewers!


「VIDEO OPTION」was launched in 1988 as a multimedia version of the tuning magazine「OPTION」. Currently about 1800 videos including recent and back number content have been uploaded to YouTube. From Yatabe High Speed Trials to Tsukuba Super Lap Battles to D1GP, you can expect to see a lot variety in the content. These contents are all available for the first time with English subtitles!


Currently, around 30 videos have been added to a playlist entitled “English Subtitles”. Check it out.





To view the subtitles in English, please click “Subtitles” at the bottom right corner of the YouTube screen. English subtitles will automatically be displayed.


how to display subtitles

How to display subtitles.

how to display subtitles

How to display subtitles.


If you see videos that you’d like subtitle function added to, please leave a comment on the video about it.


Don’t forget to subscribe to the VIDEO OPTION channel and keep your eye on the account for more subtitled content coming regularly!