「A Z31 Tuned Like In the Heyday of Wangan Racing」The Owner Dreamt About This Car Since He Was a Teenager

Published : 2020/05/02 22:05 Modified : 2020/05/02 22:05

A VG engine modified to a 3.1L VG30ED spec!


A fully tuned Z31 filled with an owner’s lifelong admiration


This is the 3rd generation Fairlady Z, which debuted in 1983. It has been designed with an emphasis on aerodynamic performance, inheriting its roots as a long-nose, short deck Z series car.


A popular car during the era of Japan’s bubble econonomy, there were many grades and equipment options available off the showroom floor. Looking at the engine alone, this model boasted a lineup of VG20ET, VG30ET, VG30DE and RB20DET from its early to late model lineup.



The vehicle introduced here is the car of an owner who longed for a Z31 since he was a junior high school student. He’s been driving this car for more than 20 years already.


“Its very similar visually to the North American 50th Anniversary model, but its actually a Japanese domestic vehicle,” says the owner. “I really wanted a left-hand drive model, but at that time it came at a premium.”



The engine has a powerful specification that is just as competitive as the North American widebody model. This VG30ET which has been in use for over 10 years has been modified to 3.1L using Tomei Powered 89φ forged pistons. The turbo is a TO4R that delivers power in the high rpm range rather than torque in the lower end.


This setup realizes power characteristics that increase from 250km/h and up. Maximum speed is around 300 km/h. Engine management comes from an F-CON V Pro. Settings are based around the capabilities and spirit of an RB26DETT.


“I used to run the Wangan back in the day. I ran at about 270km/h with the TD07 turbo,” says the owner. “But I couldn’t keep up with the Z32’s and GT-Rs so I started to tune the engine more.”



The wheels are Panasport G7 C5C which have been on the car for over 20 years. They still have a modern feeling to this day and fit snugly under the North American widebody fenders without spacers. Sizing is 8J x 17 in the front and 9J x 17 in the rear. Genuine factory BCNR33 calipers are used front and rear.



The interior pushes the retro feel with authentic vintage parts like the Kenwood combo CD/cassette deck, pioneer speakers, and Omori gauges in the glovebox. The owner doesn’t use the air conditioner during spirited driving because he is concered with rises in water temperature under this spec. “I really put a lot of effort into tuning this car to be of its time. It has the authentic look and feel of an old-school tuning car,” says the Z’s owner.



Front and rear spoilers, wide fenders, side markers, emblems, etc are all North American specification. “I searched out all the parts and replaced them all at once. I admired the overseas style of this car and wanted to do it justice here in Japan. The only thing I’m missing is the T-Bar roof.”


By the way, the silver color of the body is a special by adding red to a genuine factory Rolls Royce silver.



The owner has been running hard with the current engine for many years. He plans a full overhaul soon.


“Most of these parts have no longer been in production for years” says the owner. “But, if it breaks, I want to do anything I can to keep the car running.” He is currently working with tuners Avante Auto Service to produce a 3.4L specification of the VG30ET. The turbo will also get an upgrade to a T88, aiming at over 700ps.


●Special Thanks:Avante Auto Service 4890-3 Ikonobecho, Tsuzuki ward, Yokohama city, Kanagawa Prefecture TEL:045-930-1411


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