「A Look At Tsukuba’s Fastest Civic」This Little Monster Laps Tsukuba in 56.070 Seconds!

Published : 2020/05/05 00:22 Modified : 2020/05/05 00:22

This Civic Regains the Fastest Lap for NA and FF


Equipped with an 830kg lightweight body and 2.4L 320ps unit


This EG6 has taken the lap record as the fastest NA / FF car this season at Tsukuba



The main update this car recieved from previous seasons was a 2.4L specification which combines the K24 block with the K20. Of course, the engine is finely tuned to achieve a maximum output of 320ps and max torque of 31kgm. This is done using KEW’s reinforced parts and Toda Racing cam.



Throttles are a 50φ shaftless 4-series type. Not only is response improved, there is also sufficient intake capacity so power output is increased dramatically. The exhaust manifold is made by K-Tune.



The suspension is based on a Tobe SPL coilover setup. The spring is a super high rate of 30kg/mm on the front and 24kg/mm at the rear. This setup is balanced with the aerodynamic parts to produce a strong downforce. Arms have been given an update from the previous season.



The exterior is a one-off original body kit. It is aimed to expand the width to accomodate wider tires and in turn increase grip. The front bumper is made by 48 Garage and the rear has a Sard GT wing equipped.



The front tires are Advan A050 in 295/35. Rear tire size is increased from 225/45R16 to 235/40R17 in line with the wide body and increased power. LSD is an OS Giken Super Lock 2-way.



The interior including the dashboard, door panels and roof are all completely converted to dry carbon in order to reduce weight. Roll cage is also kept to a minimum, contributing to an overall light weight of 830kg.



The transmission is a sequential model. Among the gauges, there is a MoTeC dashlogger C124 that is capable of monitoring various parameters.



All told, this tuning setup helped the ASLON TON EG6 officially record a 56.360 second FF NA best lap. The current best time was recorded at 56.070 seconds and the NA fastest time (Shark Irii FD3S RX7) laid down a time of 55.595 seconds by comparision.



Not long ago, it was difficult for a fully tuned turbo car to break the 56 second range, but now this compact monster is trying to push into 55 second territory. Everyone is no doubt excited to see just how much the lap record can be shaved down.