「Do You Know the Legend of the Spaceship Celsior?」A Wacky 6.75 Meter Long Neckbreaker on Public Roads! [V-OPT]

Published : 2020/05/05 23:37 Modified : 2020/05/05 23:37

In this segment of V-OPT’s “Cool Car Heaven” GOGO Daijiro takes a ride in the rarest car in history, a “Spaceship Celsior”.


●A Flying Space Shuttle Appears



Daijiro “Dai” Inada of the OPTION series videos is always up to some kind of car-related adventure. In this clip, he left his office in Tokyo’s glizty Ginza district to find a mysterious spaceship waiting outside This spaceship Celsior was the crazy idea of famous car nut and all around wildman Daisuke Shoten himself.


●Cruising around the city at night in a Celsior UFO



Dai is treated to a futuristic luxury city cruise with built in comforts like automatic doors, televisions and fax machines on board. The Celsior spaceship glides through Ginza’s busy street attracting all kinds of attention from onlookers.