「D1 Driver Masato Kawabata’s Super Low Drift Car! 」Look at this “Dress Up Drift” Machine【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/05/08 10:28 Modified : 2020/05/08 10:28

【V-OPT CH.】Masato Kawabata’s Low Down Drift 180


●This video shows an interview and driving demonstration with famous D1 driver Kawabata, also a member of this slammed drift car team.



Outside of D1 competition, Kawabata ran as part of a local “shakotan” drift team called “Remains Low”. They appeared in the northern Japan “Ikaten” tournament alongside other general drifters. We interviewed Kawabata, who promotes this sort of low-down style in D1GP as well. He is one of the lowest drifters around!


●Carefully check Masato Kawabata’s fighting power!



After the interview, there is a session showing a drift session by the driver Kawabata. Always one to keep his car as low as possible, he says he needs to remove the bumper when running hard on this course to keep it from flying off!