「This is the EF9 Civic Type R!」A Powertrain Transplanted from its Successor to Level Up in Power!

Published : 2020/05/16 21:58 Modified : 2020/05/16 21:58

A lightweight beast that uses its nimbleness to an advantage


Increased power by making full use of EK9 and DC2 parts


“The EF9 Civic is said to have very few weak points. It has a lightweight body of only 1010kg, great handling and a low center of gravity. The double wishbone suspension mated with the power of the B16A engine boasting 100 liters is a great combo,” says Mr. Tani of tuner shop Aslan.



Its been over 30 years since its debut, but the EF Civic has the advantage of a wide variety of aftermarket parts, as well as parts from the EG6 and EK9. This EF9 was restored and tuned by making good use of these parts.



The engine has been swapped out for a B18C from a DC2 Integra Type R. High comp forged pistons from Toda Racing have been introduced and the compression ration was increased 13:1. In addition, the high cam is Toda Racing’s B-Cam (IN 295 degrees 12mm lift, EX 285 degrees 12mm lift). Using Dynapak, 210ps of power is squeezed out.



Valve timing is set so that torque rises from low speed range. Rev limit is set at 9000rpm. The distributor is from an EK9 so CP tuning is based on a genuine EK9 ECU.



Since genuine parts were not available for the transmission, the original wire type was replaced with a hydraulic type. This diminishes maintenance worries and parts availability issues while adding the advantage of being able to select the gear ratio.



This EF9 was equipped with an M Factory 3-4-5 cross transmission. Together with VTEC it increases acceleration feel without any dip or valley. Even in 5th gear at 9000rpm, vehicle speed is around 180-190kmh, so high speed driving is quite smooth.



The suspension is an Aslan setup that was developed for street and mountain pass use. It is equipped with parts that expand the alignment adjustment range. Slight negative camber has been added to improve hard driving performance; 4.5 degrees at the front and 3 degrees at the rear.



The exhaust is a one-off original by Aslan. Originally the EF9 exhaust had a layout directed on the left side but this one was made in the style of an Eiko model which was popular during the heyday of the Osaka kanjo racers.



Aslan’s 10-point roll cage was installed after rear seats were removed. The current weight of the car is 950kg, which according to Mr. Tani who was in charge of tuning, “Is normal because the EF9 can be as light as 820kg for street tuning and as light as 700kg for time attack.”


Genuine factory parts for this generation of cars were quite heavy so it was quite easy to reduce weight by upgrading many parts. The fuel tank is normal but has a carbon tank cover which is N1 race spec.



The exterior is equipped with Aslan’s front lip spoiler and carbon bonnet. It keeps an old-school atmophere throughout.



The front fenders are made by Five Mart which add 30mm width on each side. Volk Racing TE37 in 8J +25 are set. The rear wing is a Five Mart carbon piece. The LSD contains ATS carbon.


Tires are Advan A050. Usually, 205 or 215 fronts are used, but this EF9 is equipped with 225/50R15. This increases gripping power with a wider contact patch.



“Before it was common sense for FWD cars to run with slicks but now the trend is to run four wheels firmly to the ground. Alignment and tire size are set to reflect this”



This EF9 was made using a wide range of parts from its successor. The combination of lightness and the punch of VTEC takes this car up more than a few notches from the norm. The finished product is just like a Type R.


●Special Thanks:Aslan  238-2 Bessho, Minami-ward Sakai Osaka  TEL:072-349-4880


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