「A Surpreme Drift Spec S15 Appears」Turbo Power Characteristics are Its Secret Weapon

2020/05/21 23:30

A surprise comes from the turbo selection


Another tuning point is the unique style reached by incorporating Rocket Bunny 180SX aero parts


Tuning shop Dride of Shimane prefecture oversaw production of this car. They often hold events, track days and drift camps at the famous Bihoku Circuit near their shop. This S15 is produced as their shop demo car.



The engine remains a 2.0L but gets an HKS high cam (IN/EX 264degree) and TD06-25G turbo for 450ps/48kgm. For airflow, the car uses a unit from an R35 Skyline for increased performance.


The reason for choosing such a large turbine is that “20G size turbos make the response very sensitive and therefore difficult to control. This setting is recommended especially for drifting” say Dride representatives.



The suspension incorporates 326 Power’s Chakuriki damper GT system. Deride says this system is great for drift because it covers a wide range of setups from beginners to experts with flexibility and traction performance that is optimal for circuit and street use.


The turning angle that is important for drift is also increased by shortened knuckles and extending lower arms by 50mm to prevent interference between the body and the tire/wheel.



The exterior of this S15 is anchored by the Rocket Bunny 180SX fender kit. Originally, Deride’s Mr. Nakamura was contemplating an original fender setup but the Rocket Bunny kit ended up being very close to the image he had in mind. By adding and arranging other aero parts in conjunction with these fenders, an original style was realized.


These widebody fenders add 70mm to each side and house Work Meister M1’s in 10J -30 front and 11J -30 rear. Diameters are 18-inch front and rear.



By the way, the front fender needs surprisingly little modification to fit directly and was fitted directly over the genuine S15 fenders. They have a wild bolt-on look that don’t flow with the bumper line. Sideskirts are also 180SX type.



The rear fenders, on the other hand, needed some modification to fit. Since the upper and lower heights don’t match at all, shortening work was necessary. It was shaped according to the S15 rear quarter but the press line remains the same. It was fixed on the car using bolts rather than rivets, the point being that they can be easily removed if needed.



The wing itself is an Origin piece, but the brackets and wing plates are original pieces made by Dride. It is mounted directly on the frame and both function and looks are at a high level. One interesting point is that rather than cutting the rear fender, the fuel cover shape was modified to clear it.



The mirrors are Veilside S13 models. These were chosen over Ganadors because they are not as commonly seen or used.



It is entirely possible to make a cool S15 that stands out just by putting on commercially available aero parts, but this Dride demo car seems to have that extra touch of individuality. Their styling for drift cars have a great balance of simplicity and aggressive presence.


●Special Thanks:Dride  810 Higashi-Tsudacho, Matsue, Shimane Prefecture  TEL:0852-60-1414