「The Pursuit of Drift-able Shakotan」Follow Dress-Up/Drift “Dori-Dore” Action! [V-OPT]

Published : 2020/05/26 09:44 Modified : 2020/05/26 09:44

【V-OPT CH】Slammed drifters gather for “Dori-Dore”! Video OPTION’s 2018 event report



The “Dori-Dore” genre of drifters continue to expand their power as an antithesis against modern drift competitions in widespread tournaments. The main point here is slamming the car to the ground for maximum style. In order to gain insight into this unique style of drift, the V-OPT team interviewed various participating entrants at the largest “Dori-Dore” event in Japan.



This event attracts drivers of totally slammed cars. These are maniacs who have performed various lowering techniques such as raising the cars frame and notching members to allow for exhaust clearance. Their goal is to achieve driving performance at a super low-down height. This is a fascinating departure from the style seen in G1GP. Check it out!