「A C35 Laurel in Rare Full Circuit Attack Spec!」A 760hp SR20DET Mounted on a Lightweight 1240kg Body

Published : 2020/05/27 23:37 Modified : 2020/05/27 23:37

Dare to build a circuit machine from a heavy sedan!


A unique circuit spec C35 Laurel that has great front to rear weight balance.


The circuit is a place where weight and aerodynamics have a big advantage but some dare to bring big anti-standard sedans to the fight. The Prime Garage C35 Laurel is a good example of this.



The car continues to evolve as a time attack machine, swapping a straight 6 RB25 to a straight 4 SR20 with the aim of reducing weight and improving handling at the front. It has an HKS 2.2L kit installed. The oil pump which is said to be a weak point of the SR engine has no trouble after undergoing WPC modification.



The turbo is IHI’s RX-6 via an Altrack exhaust manifold. It squeezes out 680ps at max boost pressure of 1.9kg. 760ps with racing fuel spec.



Due to the complete circuit specification, the exhaust is a side exit type that discharges from behind the front fender. The wastegate has a release port.



The transmission is a Samsonas 6-speed sequential model. The case has high rigidity and this is a weapon for improving circuit times.



The suspension is an Area Sports coilover setup. Spring rates are 16kg/mm at the front and 18kg/mm at the rear.


Front and rear brakes are equipped with Project Mu calipers. Wheels are Enkei RP-F1 in 10.5J widths. Tires are switched out according to circuit conditions. At the time of this photoshoot, it was on high-grip VALINO radials in 285/35-18.


The roll cage has been thoroughly lightened and increased body rigidity significantly. It is a one-off original product manufactured with an emphasis on balance. Along with the change to carbon fiber doors, the cross-type sidebar enhances safety. Weight has been reduced to 1240kg.


In pursuit of aerodynamics, the floor has been completely smoothed flat. Large canards and under sweep panel are installed to increase downforce.



A large diffuser and high mount GT wing are installed at the rear. Carefully calculating the aerodynamic balance between front and rear, a high downforce spec was created.



This C35 Laurel already holds the power to fight against 2-door sports cars. “I’d like to continue to evolve this car while introducing cutting edge technology at each stage” says president of Prime Garage Mr. Uryu.


The pursuit of Prime Garage to squeeze as much power as possible from FR sedans is far from over.


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