「These are the Latest Drift Specifcations」Now You Can Be a D1GP Expert Too!

Published : 2020/05/27 21:38 Modified : 2020/05/27 21:38

These cars exceed the specs of Super GT cars?!


The trend of modern D1GP cars approach full race spec!


D1GP will reach its 20th season this year, 2020. Initially, there were many participants driving in street spec vehicles that were essentially driveable on public roads. Now, vehicles are totally dedicated to competition. The level of modification has evolved drastically. Let’s take a look here at some of the trends of these competition cars.



●The unbeatable power of the 2JZ-GTE



Although the required power is steadily increasing in response to evolution of the tires used, the powerplants used by these drift cars is now in the state where 25 out of 35 cars are using the 2JZ-GTE. The reason for this is that the power tuning including the control system has been well established. Durability and reliability are also extremely high.


There are various displacements in competition but the 3.6L spec Tomei Powered kit proves to be a trend. Garrett GTX4088R and GTX3584RS are popular choices with max output typically around upper-700 to 1000 horsepower. Recently more cars have been equipping electronically controlled throttles and anti-lag systems.



●Rear-mounted radiators improve weight distribution



Another trend is that radiator layout has been changed to the rear in recent years. The goal here is to improve front-rear weight distribution and increase load on the rear tires. Popular manufacturers are Koyo, Trust and HPI.


Following revision of regulations, pipe frames at the front and rear are being promoted. This saves weight and also becomes easier to repair in the event of a crash.


●Final gear system that can adjust the ratio in only a few minutes



As for the differential gear, many vehicles have adopted a quick change type by modifying the rear suspension member. This is a US-spec part for general motorsports use. It has excellent strength and the final gear can be replaced just by opening the rear end cover without lowering the differential.


It takes only a few minutes for a team familiar with the system to complete a final gear exchange. There are many options for final gear ratios so this is a weapon that expands a cars range in competiton. Since the product itself is a diff-lock spec, many are incorporating a quick change compatible LSD sold by OS Giken.


●Hydraulic e-brake and rear caliper



Genuine factory wire type e-brakes are not tremendously effective when entering a drift and effectiveness is not stable. Rather, most of the cars in D1GP are fitted with hydraulic e-brakes with independent brake lines.


Hydrauling e-brakes require a dedicated caliper at the rear. Each manufacturer is developing a compact drift-specfic caliper that has two systems for the foot brake and for the hydraulic e-brake.



The front brakes are also no doubt important in competiton use, but less focus is given compared to the rear. When drifting, sliding the car sideways and using the accelerator also acts as a braking manuever so hard braking like in grip races is not often needed.


●Use of special knuckles and lower arms to cut more angle



Machining of the knuckle has been important for the steering angle at the front but in recent years many cars have incorporated an angle kit made overseas which consists of an arm and knuckle set. Wise Fab of Estonia is the maker of a popular kit which has a high degree of freedom in setting.


When the steering angle is increased to this degree, tires are pushed out so as not to hit the arm or the body, so most cars have installed widebody kits.


●Lightweight & simplified instrument panel



Many dashboards are specially produced from carbon fiber to save weight. Full race spec all-in-one-type gauges are often used. These have many features including data loggging and are lightweight as well.


In the transmission department Holinger products have long been popular, but recent breakthroughs from up-and-coming manufacturers like TTI and Samsonas have given them an edge.



Racing organ pedals from manufacturers such as Chilton are popular for D1GP use.


●FIA regulation roll cages



As these are competition vehicles, of course its obligatory to install a roll cage, but these must conform with FIA regulations and can be quite expensive to produce. BRIDE has a monopoly on bucket seats used in competition here.


●Rear tire widths of 265 or 285



Tires up to 265 in width are used if the vehicle weight is less than 1275kg. Over that, 285 widths are used. The area ratio of the tire grooves are determined by regulation. High grip tires from each manufacturer used conform to this. In recent years, products made in China have been expanding their influence.



D1GP specs have evolved significantly through the years and many cars are updated during the season to incorporate the latest parts. With that in mind, this year which marks the 20th anniversary of the D1GP could bring about even more new trends.


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