「The Tale of a Man Who Longed for an FC3S His Whole Life」A Widebody Rotary Beast With 20-Inch Wheels

Published : 2020/05/28 09:49 Modified : 2020/05/28 09:50

This widebody work was planned to coincide with the cars long-term storage


A full refresh with a new engine and wide bodywork


The owner of this car had been admiring FC’s since his childhood. Three years after the secondhand purchase of this car however, the 13B-T suddenly died. The damage of the apex seal that often occurs in overrunning rotary engine caused an engine blow.



While there are many young RX-7 drivers who would become tired at this point and simply buy a new car, the owner of this FC decided to remake the car completely. “Not just the engine, but I also wanted to use this opportunity to rework the entire body” he said.



Rather than just overhauling the engine with new parts, internal tuning such as port processing took place. The turbo used is a high flow model made by Knight Sports. It not only pursues power but has a higher driving comfort than genuine factory.



Due to the long-term work on this engine overhaul, the owner started to dream about what he wanted the aero parts and wide body to look like. The front fenders are Foresight pieces that add 30mm to each side.


These fenders were designed so that the arch position sits 15mm lower than the genuine factory lines, so it fills the gap between tire and fender giving the car a low-down appearance. It achieves both practicality and style.



Rear fenders are also made by Foresight. They add 35mm to each side with arches that sit 20mm lower than genuine factory fender arches.



It should be noted that although this car has bolt on fenders, they are designed carefully along the door press line so they flow well with the car. Still, they give the car a sharpness that is not present in its stock state.



The wheels are 20-inches, a size you don’t often see used on FC3S. These wheels were not originally the owners choice, but items he received as a gift. Due to the full aero and wide body modifications it seems the previous wheels did not fit in size at all.



“Though it wasn’t exactly the image I had in my mind on these wheels, they actually compliment the aero and widebody well. I’ll keep looking for a perfect match. Once I find them, it will be complete.” says the owner. We are impressed with his attitude of pursuing the ideal rotary machine. (Excerpt from OPTION CARAVAN)