「Smokey Nagata Talks About the Legendary VR32」The Secret Story of the Dream GT-R【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/05/28 01:03 Modified : 2020/05/28 01:03

The beginning of a new legend, Smokey Nagata’s TOP SECRET VR32 GT-R



TOP SECRET’s boss man Smokey Nagata has worked on many engine swap monsters. There was of course the RB26 swapped JZA80 Supra which recorded the world’s highest speed violation in the UK. Now here is the V35GT-R equipped with a V8 engine that became another masterpiece of tuning work. 



This VR32 was created by such a famous world tuner who transplanted the power train of the R35 GT-R to an R32 GT-R. Here, Smokey was asked about the difficulties and points of concern during production. Watch the full video to get all the details of this amazing machine and the man behind the masterpiece.