「Dai and the Chairman of TOMS Compare Successive FR Celicas!」Plus a Cameo from a Certain Speed Junkie?! 【V-OPT】

Published : 2020/05/29 23:02 Modified : 2020/05/29 23:02

This is a Video OPTION ongoing segment “Cool Car Heaven” with GOGO Daijiro. In this clip he gives a driving impression of various generations of Toyota Celica.


●Leading figure in the racing world CEO of TOMS appears



Daijiro Inada’s Video OPTION series “Cool Car Heaven” always spotlights interesting vehicles and this clip is no exception. This time around, TOMS CEO who is no doubt an expert in the world of Celicas gives his impression. From the nostalgic “Daruma” Celica to a wildly modified highway racer LB, they enjoy test driving a number of different cars.


●A rare character appears while testing a tuned Celica XX



This is a tuned Celica with a 5M that was bored up to 3.0L generating 450ps. Dai puts the hammer down accordingly. During the test drive on the highway, a notorious speed junkie appeared, challenging him in a JZA80 Supra. Watch and see for yourself!